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Rutger is a playable Hero in Gigantic. He is a melee-centered warden who uses shield to tank incoming damage while dishing out punishment to his enemies. He was announced with August 15, 2017 Patch and released with Into Solitude update.

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Challenge – VICTORY
COMMON – Win a match as Rutger.
Rutger had seen many victories and many losses in his day. Often, in the end, it was hard to tell the difference.
RARE – Win 3 matches as Rutger.
The warden of rocky plains and mountains couldn't just stand by while the war between the houses wreaked havoc on the land.
LEGENDARY – Win 5 matches as Rutger.
Which house was ruling didn't matter, as long as they respected and cared for the land.
Challenge – BADGES
COMMON – Earn 25 badges as Rutger.
Being a warden was a solemn task, but Rutger found that he frequently relished it.
RARE – Earn 50 badges as Rutger.
“I find that fightin' can be quite invigorating.”
– Rutger
LEGENDARY – Earn 75 badges as Rutger.
“Ha! Looks like an old warden can learn new tricks after all!”
– Rutger
Challenge – EXPERIENCE
COMMON – Earn 30,000 match experience as Rutger.
“One last job. One last job and then I retire.”
– Rutger
RARE – Earn 60,000 match experience as Rutger.
Legends told that wardens were ageless; Rutger seemed to prove otherwise.
LEGENDARY – Earn 90,000 match experience as Rutger.
“Let me tell ya, stone wears down a whole lot slower than flesh does.”
– Rutger
Challenge – ASSISTS
COMMON – Earn 25 assists as Rutger.
Some saw the wardens as a benevolent force, others saw them as the iron fist of nature.
RARE – Earn 50 assists as Rutger.
If you called for help in the wilds, you could be sure that aid was coming; you just didn't know for whom.
LEGENDARY – Earn 75 assists as Rutger.
“If yer protectin' the land, then I'll protect you.”
– Rutger
Challenge – TEAMWORK
COMMON – Earn 3 Assist Spree! badges as Rutger.
Wardens usually worked alone, but Rutger was wise enough to know the value of cooperation.
RARE – Earn 6 Assist Spree! badges as Rutger.
Long ago, Rutger and Voden had fought side by side. They had their differences throughout time, but the bond they had forged remained.
LEGENDARY – Earn 9 Assist Spree! badges as Rutger.
“All wardens must learn to work together, whether they wish to or not.”
– Orbora, Hermit of the Wilds
Challenge – NEMESIS
COMMON – Earn 3 Nemesis! or Archenemy! badges as Rutger.
The Ghost Reef was in shambles; its natural form and beauty corrupted by Tesserus mining equipment.
RARE – Earn 6 Nemesis! or Archenemy! badges as Rutger.
Rutger mourned the spirits of creatures long dead that now could not rest in their former home.
LEGENDARY – Earn 9 Nemesis! or Archenemy! badges as Rutger.
Now was no time for sitting around; Rutger would teach these scientists what it truly meant for every action to have an equal and opposite reaction.
Challenge – POWER
COMMON – Generate 100 power for your guardian as Rutger.
Rutger's loyalty lay only with the land; he would fight for whoever served his cause best.
RARE – Generate 200 power for your guardian as Rutger.
“If I'm out wranglin' power for ya, I expect to get your help in return.”
– Rutger
LEGENDARY – Generate 300 power for your guardian as Rutger.
Rulers come an' go, but the land is truly everlasting. Even those beings you call Eternals won't be around forever.
– Rutger