Wiki's to-do list

From Gigantic Wiki

Bellow are things that are missing from the wiki or need to be fixed.

  • Update hero skills and talents descriptions and values to correspond with the Rampage Edition
  • Category:Article stubs - short articles which need to be finished or significantly enhanced; this includes:
    • Mechanics
    • Hero lore pages - need bio summaries and transcribed lore letters from “Clash Course” videos, and map lore pages
    • Changelogs pages - heroes and maps, and sections in creature articles
    • Misc info pages - heroes and maps, lack any substance right now
    • Populate pages with images, videos and audio (for maps), both already uploaded on the wiki and new ones
    • Transcribe hero and guardian voice lines (no need to upload the files yet, the process is very complex)

  • Special:WantedPages - these pages are non-existent and need to be created; the list is generated by red links from existing pages
    • The links starting with "File:" are leftovers from Fandom's linking to video files, which were actually embeds from YouTube; these links should be replaced with links to gallery pages or sections

  • Files
    • Add license and source (if possible) info on existing file pages