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The events of Gigantic take place in a fictional world known as Gig. Game's maps represent some locations of this world, and play the role of battlefields where teams of heroes and guardians fight each other for control over territory.


The objective of each match of Gigantic is to help friendly guardian to defeat the enemy one. The maps vary in theme, size and structure, but always remain symmetrical, with guardians residing on opposite ends.

Part of the main objective is so-called Power Race – collecting enough power for friendly guardian's attack before enemy team will achieve the same. One of the ways to gain power is harvesting it from Power Circles, points on the map which spawn power orbs at certain periods of time. There are 3 types of these points, indicating which creatures heroes can summon on them – team affiliated, neutral and restricted (see tooltips in the table bellow).

One of the unique features of Gigantic's gameplay is Clash – an event when map transforms in structure, and sometimes in size. Along with that, placement of Power Circles and guardians might also change. Those changes remain to the very end of the match.

Multiplayer maps

Bellow is a list of multiplayer (PvP) maps available in the game, with basic information about them.

Map Power Circles Description Clash changes
Team Power Circles
On friendly points any creature can be summoned. On enemy points – only obelisks.
Neutral Power Circles
Any creature can be summoned by either teams.
Restricted Power Circles
Only obelisks can be summoned by either teams.

Sanctum Falls

2x2 2 - An ancient temple complex full of centuries old growth and magic still flowing around. The outer area is divided by a waterfall coming from the flooded upper part of the complex. Water drains from the high ground floods the low ground, gradually making the initial area inaccessible and opening up a new section of the map. All team points and one neutral point move to the upper area of the map, while a single neutral point stays inplace. The guardians also move to upper area, residing on the plain ruins part.

Ghost Reef

3x2 - 1 A rocky canyon with abandoned Tesserus machinery on one side, and ghosts of sea life roaming the caverns on another. The walls near two team points, closest to the center of the map, partially break off, and a sandstorm goes trough entire area. Power circles and guardians stay on their initial positions.

Siren's Strand

3x2 1 - A shipwreck on an icy rocky coast, with remnants of a giant luxurious vessel towering over all. The place is full of tight frost corridors and small isolated areas. A giant glacier slides down from the land part of the map, moving two team and single neutral points to the opposite side, where tides gone low. The other two team points move closer to the ones remaining in the middle. The guardians move a bit closer to coast's side.

Ember Grove

2x2 2 1 A part of an enchanted forest occupied by rocky formation on one side, and remnants of burned trees on another. A sunny village and darker, untouched woods are divided by what seems to be remains of an old giant tree after another forest fire. Some trees are set on fire and disappear, while central remnants burn and partially fall apart. Team points are moved closer to the center. Guardians move slightly to their right sides.

Picaro Bay
File:Map thumbnail Picaro Bay.png

?x2 ? - A breezy seaside map with verticality, narrow alleyways, and a pirate ship for waging fast paced clashes. Coming soon with the release of Rampage Edition! ?

Heaven's Ward
File:Map thumbnail Heaven's Ward.png

?x2 ? - A heavily industrialized district that showcases an old power plant, warehouses, and factories with many nooks and crannies for players to have a blast in. Coming soon with the release of Rampage Edition! ?

Singleplayer maps

Since Gigantic is a multiplayer game, the only maps which can be counted as singleplayer are Tutorial Map and Practice Arena, where player is able to fight only AI controlled enemies. Their purpose corresponds to their names: one shows basics of the game and key mechanics via fixed hero pick and scripted interactions with non-playable characters and environment, while another lets player to choose any hero for test, run around free and interact with various creatures.

Unreleased maps

Main article: Unreleased maps

Not all ideas for maps were realized in Gigantic. Some were scrapped during development, the others undergone drastic changes but didn't make it due to premature shutdown of the game.