Ghost Reef

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Ghost Reef is a PvP map in Gigantic, which was revealed at PAX Prime 2014.

Ghost Reef
The badlands were not always a sea of sand.
Team Power Circles
On friendly points any creature can be summoned. On enemy points – only obelisks.
    Restricted Power Circles
Only obelisks can be summoned by either teams.


Ghost Reef is smaller than Sanctum Falls and gives more emphasis to teamfights than strategy, even though the latter is present too. The environment is very rocky and dusty, with some plant life in it (mostly cacti). If you're brave enough you'll be able to see ghosts of past sea life wandering within the caves.



Tips and Tricks

The canyon, once an underwater home for a plethora of sea creatures, is now dry and arid. The Tesserus Collective developed a way to harvest the energy of the ghosts left in the canyon, and has used them as a power source.[1]


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  • The Reborn I:
    • T-MAT has little memory of the battle that left her wrecked in a rocky valley for two years. And even less memory of who found and fixed her.
  • The Old Guard VI:
    • The Ghost Reef was in shambles; its natural form and beauty corrupted by Tesserus mining equipment.
    • Rutger mourned the spirits of creatures long dead that now could not rest in their former home.
  • Granite: The desecration of the Ghost Reef pained Rutger; it had once been his home, after all.
  • The Desert Campaign: If Tesserus had hired her instead, they might still be mining the Ghost Reef.


Knossos' campsite
  • This map was previously known as the Canyon, during closed Alpha and Beta test phases, which is its code name in game files.
  • There is a campsite to the left of Leiran that was inhabited by Lord Knossos.


Live changes

Patch Changes
July 22, 2017
    • Fixed a bug where the character models would be floating at their spawn points during the intro cutscene to each match.
    • Fixed a rare bug where the match loading screen would use artwork from unreleased maps.
August 15, 2017
    • Fixed a bug where larger Heroes would clip through the terrain when using the leftmost jump pad from the airship.
    • Fixed a bug during Clash which would sometimes cause projectiles fired near the center of the map to be fired in random directions instead of where they were aimed.
September 12, 2017
    • Added a small access ramp to both pillars between the D point and the Guardians. This is to prevent ranged Heroes from attacking the Wound with little consequence or counter-play from the defending team.

Beta changes

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Patch Changes



Aurion side
Devaedra side
Middle of the map
Game assets
Early official screenshots
Post-release official screenshots

Concept arts

Art – Ember Barrett;[1] modeling – Tomas Gomez.[2]


Gigantic High level Voden Gameplay on Ghost Reef

Gigantic High Level Beckett Gameplay on Ghost reef

Gigantic Beta - Xenobia Gameplay UHD

Gigantic Alpha - Charnok Gameplay HD

Gigantic - PAX East 2015 Trailer

Gigantic's Ghost Reef


Start of the match


Friendly Guardian rampage

Enemy Guardian rampage