Ghost Reef/Lore

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The canyon, once an underwater home for a plethora of sea creatures, is now dry and arid. The Tesserus Collective developed a way to harvest the energy of the ghosts left in the canyon, and has used them as a power source.[1]


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  • The Reborn I:
    • T-MAT has little memory of the battle that left her wrecked in a rocky valley for two years. And even less memory of who found and fixed her.
  • The Old Guard VI:
    • The Ghost Reef was in shambles; its natural form and beauty corrupted by Tesserus mining equipment.
    • Rutger mourned the spirits of creatures long dead that now could not rest in their former home.
  • Granite: The desecration of the Ghost Reef pained Rutger; it had once been his home, after all.
  • The Desert Campaign: If Tesserus had hired her instead, they might still be mining the Ghost Reef.


Knossos' campsite
  • This map was previously known as the Canyon, during closed Alpha and Beta test phases, which is its code name in game files.
  • There is a campsite to the left of Leiran that was inhabited by Lord Knossos.