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Guardians are giant beasts who serve the Great Houses and other factions in the world of Gig. They are unique feature of Gigantic's gameplay who are both part of the team of heroes and the main objective of every match at the same time.


Guardians help their teams driving back enemies by destroying and reshaping the battlefield as it goes on. Players should work together to overpower the enemy guardian, then strike its heart when they get the chance. Each guardian has its own attacks and tactics. They also provide the respawn for their heroes and are playing the role of announcers in the matches.

List of Guardians

Icon Name House Species Description
Leiran Aurion Griffin A giant golden female griffin that shoots beams from her eyes and attacks with claws
Grenn Devaedra Naga A giant purple male serpent that shoots beams from his mouth and throws orbs of energy



Guardians attack enemy heroes that come near them, inflicting damage and status effects. Guardian attacks can be dodged and projectiles can be reflected, but reflected attacks will deal no damage to the guardian.


Main article: Rampage

Once a guardian gains enough power it will rampage across the battlefield and pin down the enemy guardian, damaging it, preventing it from attacking, and leaving it vulnerable to heroes.


A guardian will survive until it receives a certain number of wounds, depending on the game mode. Wound damage is permanent during a match, so partial progress towards dealing a wound during one rampage will carry over to the next.

Wounds Remaining Wound Health Wound Shield
3 6000 700
2 8000 700
1 10000 700