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Leiran the Griffin is a Guardian in Gigantic, related to House Aurion.


Leiran is a giant griffin, she has a body of lion with lush mane, a pair of inwardly curved horns on her head, clawed beak and feathered wings and tail. Her heart is hidden behind her golden crown with a big gem. She also wears golden collar and bracelets paws, with front ones having same gems as her crown, and additionally her front paws are covered with sharp golden claws.


Leiran is the Guardian of House Aurion, and has been a symbol of justice and piety to Aurion’s followers for as long as anyone can remember. It is rumored that she was discovered atop the holy Alabaster Mount and raised in the House Aurion eyrie, but the truth of her origin has been lost to time.

A commanding and fearsome creature, Leiran knows her own strengths and is unafraid to use them. Stories are told that those deemed unjust are vaporized with only a look from the Guardian of Aurion. Whether those stories are true or not is a matter that few are brave enough to investigate ...[1]


Being a griffin, Leiran travels long distances with the aid of her wings, and their disproportional size don't hurt her maneuverability at all. When spotting enemy heroes in her proximity, she performs the following attacks:

  • strong front paw hits
  • shooting deadly laser from her eyes, which SLOW
    Reduces movement speed by 20%.
    MAJOR SLOW (30%) and MASSIVE SLOW (60%) are more powerful.
    slow down
    victims on hit
  • if enemy gets too close, Leiran will jump into the air and land on enemy, DAZE
    Interrupts and prevents skill usage for the duration of the daze.

During rampage Leiran is flying forward to the enemy guardian, shooting rays of light from her on her way; the spots hit by these rays are then getting hit by giant columns of energy, which deal big damage to caught up enemy heroes. As she gets close to Grenn, she soars up and then dives on the serpent, pining his head to the ground with her left paw and exposing his heart for the wound, while holding his body with another.


  • Leiran resembles a gryphon, a legendary creature with the head, talons and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion.
  • In Aplha version Leiran has other model: she had more curved horns, less noticeable beak and armor plats on her chest and back. Leiran's heart was in her chest and instead of eye lasers attack she was creating a row of tornadoes.
  • As stated by senior concept artist Devon Cady-Lee, after Leiran's redesign "she has since become known in-game as "Lazer Chicken."[2]



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