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Rampage occurs as soon as a team collects 100 Power. All uncollected power immediately disappears from Power Circles, even if it was in the process of being collected. After announcing a rampage, the team's guardian will rise up and fly over to the enemy side of the map, raining down AoE attacks that can damage heroes throughout the middle of the map. Additionally, the rampaging team gets a buff to movement speed that lasts until the enemy guardian is down. Any hero or creature kills done by the defending team during this period can still increase their power, up to a maximum of 100. The higher the defending team's power, the less initial damage their guardian takes, and the more shield it has once it becomes vulnerable.

A rampage deals damage when the enemy guardian is first taken down, which is 1000 at base with the following bonuses if the power total is not 100-100:

  • During Battle: 2000 flat bonus damage + (200 damage and 70 shield damage) per 10 power difference
  • During Clash: 3500 flat bonus damage + (300 damage and 70 shield damage) per 10 power difference

Once the enemy guardian is down the rampaging team will have a short amount of time to deal damage to the exposed wound while the enemy team defends. For the first two wounds on each guardian in Clash Mode, there is a possibility of an auto-wound, where the initial rampage damage is high enough that the enemy guardian will be wounded without the heroes having to attack.

Wounds Remaining Wound Health Wound Shield
3 6000 700
2 8000 700
1 10000 700

After a non-final wound is completed or the timer expires, the enemy guardian rises back up and becomes invulnerable, and the rampaging guardian quickly retreats back across the map to its original location. Any hero kills during this period immediately count towards the next Power Race, so be careful when retreating.

Wound health does not recover between rampages, but wound shield is fully restored to 700 each time.

Once the final wound is dealt to an enemy guardian, the attacking team wins the game immediately.