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Grenn the Naga is a guardian in Gigantic, related to House Devaedra.


Grenn is a naga, a giant serpent with a pair of clawed hands. His body is covered in dark purple and green scales and black spikes. A pair of massive black horns crowns his head, while a single black spike appears on his chin like goatee. Guardian's heart is lying in snake's forehead, between his horns and green eyes. In normal condition, bright purple magic marks are seen flowing on his hands and arms. As Grenn reaches full power and goes on rampage, dark flames will grow out of his back and elbows.


While traversing toxic wasteland near the Rift, Lady Devaedra stumbled upon the giant, twisting form of Grenn. Impressed by the power that he could feel emanating from her, Grenn listened as Lady Devaedra presented him with an offer: use his strength to help her reach her goals, and in return she would feed him the power that he desired. Grenn agreed, believing it to be the choice that would benefit him the most.

Though the fallen enemies of House Devaedra feed his power, Grenn, like Lady Devaedra herself, is never satisfied with what he has. If he one day found that it suited his needs, he would feel no qualms about turning on House Devaedra and attempting to devour its immortal leader. However, Lady Devaedra is no fool; she knows better than to mistake a mutually beneficial relationship for true loyalty.[1]


Despite his giant size, Grenn effortlessly moves under the ground and capable of going trough rock formations and stone walls. When spotting enemy heroes, he uses the following attacks:

  • throwing dark energy orbs which collide with the ground and create dark purple columns of damaging energy
  • shooting a ray of purple light from his maw, which SLOW
    Reduces movement speed by 20%.
    MAJOR SLOW (30%) and MASSIVE SLOW (60%) are more powerful.
    slows down
  • if enemy comes too close to him, Grenn will hit them with his arm, DAZE
    Interrupts and prevents skill usage for the duration of the daze.

When Grenn attacks Leiran during rampage, he bursts out of the ground, coils around the griffin, grabbing her by her horns, then push her down on her back. In this position Grenn pins her down exposing her heart for the wound.


  • In the Alpha version, Grenn's early model had his scales covered in warm and blue-ish colors, he had golden bracelets and a ring on his lower jaw. Grenn's heart was in his stomach, and as his breath attack he was spitting green acid.
    • In the Beta version, Grenn had an upgraded model, but had breakable power Stones on his hands.
  • In tutorial video, Imani describes Grenn as a "corrupted Guardian" with "hatred and sorcery empower".



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Concept artist - Vinod Rams[2]