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Heroes are playable characters in Gigantic, and an essential part of its gameplay.


Heroes have unique abilities and various attributes. Over the course of the match they gain experience from getting kills and completing objectives. This experience is used to level up (to the maximum level of 10), and with each new level heroes can choose upgrades of their abilities and pick a passive bonus. Each hero has a special, powerful ability called focus.

Heroes are grouped by flavor archetypes and by gameplay roles, however they don't always have to fulfill exactly the same roles they were assigned to. They also vary in amount of health, armor, movement speed and by how well they perform in the match in some of their aspects – offense, defense, mobility and utility.

Heroes are split into two teams of five, where each player takes control of one hero. The team should help its guardian to achieve the goal of the match – defeat the enemy guardian. On top of that, heroes are able to summon creatures to help them on the Power Race, a part of the match when guardians prepare for their attacks.


Bellow is a list of available in the game heroes with their basic stats and information.

Hero Type Main aspect Range HEALTH
One segment of in-game health bar represents 500 health points.
Reduces incoming DAMAGE by 1% to 1 point of armor.
Base speed value; Heroes can move faster by SPRINTING, JUMPING or DODGING, sometimes at the cost of STAMINA.

Young Warrior
Summoner Utility Close 1500 15 630 By taking up her father's sword, Aisling conjured more than just his memory.

Aisling is a melee fighter who can summon her father's ghost to aid her and her allies in the battle.


Tactical Shooter
Shooter Mobility Far 1600 15 670 An adventurer needs quick reflexes and quicker wits. A jetpack doesn't hurt either.

Beckett is a highly mobile mercenary who specialises on firearm and takes advantage over her foes by thrusting herself into the sky.


The Fire Mage
Caster Offense Far 2000 15 630 The drakkor wield fire with the skill of mages and the ferocity of monsters.

Charnok is draconian pyromancer who smites his enemies from a far and up close.

Ezren Ghal

The Necromancer
Caster Offense Middle 1750 15 650 Necromancy is not a pursuit for those with faint hearts or rigid moral standards.

Ezren Ghal is a sorcerer who empowers himself with souls of his foes and can enter into spectral form to take advantage over them.


Wise Summoner
Summoner Defense Middle 1550 15 630 Dark gifts may be gained by those who venture into the Rift and survive.

Griselma is an old sorceress who works with portals and summons Rift monsters to fight for her and her team.


Bucket O' Bolts
Shooter Defense Far 2100 25 650 Few HKs survived the war, but #206 soldiers on, fully functional and fully loaded.

HK-206 is a sturdy battle robot with an impressive arsenal of firearms to use against his enemies.


Sneaky Sniper
Shooter Utility Far 1500 15 650 Even among the renowned Tahiri mercenaries, Imani is famed for uncommon skill and leadership.

Imani is an eagle-eyed sniper armed with a deadly crossbow and couple of tricks up her sleeve.


Deadly Assassin
Assassin Offense Close 1600 15 ? "It was three upright cats covered in snake scales, what's so hard to understand about that?"
- Eye-witness testimony.

A sneaky killer with a pirate past.

Lord Knossos

Offensive Powerhouse
Bruiser Offense Close 2500 15 650 Years of exile have not dulled his fighting spirit. Knossos knows he will be a warlord again one day.

Lord Knossos is a fearless minotaur capable of dealing and surviving a fair amount of damage.


Mischievous Magician
Caster Offense Far 1500 15 650 Wizards could refuse to teach the little goblin, but they couldn't stop Mozu from stealing their wands.

Mozu is a playful young sorceress who casts magic bolts and other neat spells to defeat her enemies.


The Fortune Teller
Caster Offense Middle 2000 15 650 Oru deals in fate and the future; the Eternal sees no reason why simple cards should be met with apprehension.

Oru is the Eternal Seer capable of attacking and tricking his enemies by revealing their fate.


Playful Giant
Bruiser Defense Close 2450 15 630 Pakko was surprised to learn that joy cannot always be shared. What is delightful to friends may be frightful to foes.

Pakko is young frost titan who uses his force and ice powers to fight enemies and help allies.


Agile Fighter
Fighter Mobility Close 2200 15 650 Ramsay knew that should his cunning fail him, he could always rely on good old-fashioned violence.

Ramsay is a city ruffian who combines acrobatics with his unusual blade and poison in battles.


The bounty hunter
Shooter Offense Middle 1750 15 ? He was just as hard-hearted before he lost the arm. Now he just has more reach.

A former police enforcer from Skycity who has become a bounty hunter.


The Stone Warden
Tank Defense Close 1100* 25 650 A sworn protector of the land could not stay in retirement while nature was desecrated.

Rutger is an old guard of nature with the power of earth bending to oppose his enemies.
* Additionally to his health Rutger has 1000 point of SHIELD
Absorbs 85% of all incoming DAMAGE for the duration of the shield, or until the shield is destroyed (if it has a HP value).


Long Range Artillery
Shooter Offense Far 1700 15 650 If she was only programmed for battle, why does she desire something more?

T-MAT is a lost, sentient machine with an arsenal of newest deadly weapons to use against her foes.

The Margrave

Unstoppable Tank
Tank Defense Close 2950 25 630 His name, his family, and his kingdom were all lost to history. He lives for battle and battle alone.

The Margrave is a fearsome warrior with stomping set of abilities and great endurance to match.


Stealthy Assassin
Assassin Offense Close 1500 15 650 Once she learned to channel the lightning, Tripp stopped being an outcast and became a killer.

Tripp is a lightning fast assassin capable of shocking her enemies, both figuratively and literally.

Tyto the Swift

Reflexes and Finesse
Assassin Mobility Close 1700 15 670 Tyto's legend grows with each act of heroism - as do the mysteries that surround them.

Tyto is a vigilant sword master with impressive acrobatics and a trusty rodent friend helping him.

Uncle Sven

Chemistry and Chaos
Healer Utility Middle 2100 15 630 Uncle Sven has forgotten more about alchemy than you will ever know – and maybe more than he remembers.

Uncle Sven is a jolly old alchemist with an array of neat potions to help his team in the battle.


Divine Healing
Healer Utility Middle 2050 25 650 Vadasi has come as both pilgrim and judge. Life and death are the tools of her judgment.

Vadasi is an otherworldly being who aids her allies in the battle by both healing their wounds and damaging their enemies.


Trickster Archer
Shooter Utility Far 1650 15 670 The stories say that when the forests are threatened, wardens arise to protect them.

Voden is an ancient protector of nature who utilizes his sharp bow skills with the power of forest to aid him and his teammates.


Martial Artist
Fighter Mobility Close 1700 15 650 The monastery taught lessons both martial and spiritual. Wu learned half of them well.

Wu is a quick amphibian close combat fighter with an array of fierce and amazing moves under his belt.


Curses and Control
Control Utility Middle 1700 15 650 For a sorcerer, victory begins in the mind. Xenobia has no enemies, only victims.

Xenobia is a cruel sorceress who feeds on dark emotions of her foes and inflicts powerful curses back at them.


Star Knight
Tank Utility Close 2100 25 650 She moved with the confidence and purpose of a god among mortals.

Zandora is the Eternal Knight who wields her fearsome lance into the battle and helps her teammates with the power of her uplifting auras.


Unreleased heroes

Main article: Unreleased heroes

During development of Gigantic a lot of ideas for hero characters had circulated around. Some of them didn't make into the game for various reasons: continuous rework, no progression in development past skill kit, and premature shutdown of the game.