Unreleased heroes

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During development of Gigantic a wide array of playable heroes was created, but far not all of them were released into the game for a variety of reason, including game's short lifespan. The list below presents such heroes, be it scrapped concepts, prototypes or nearly finished characters.

All information is gathered from game's files, leaks or public posts from developers.

Hero State Description
Finished model, unfinished skill kit, animations and VFX, no voice lines. First public mention of a hero under code name “Orbit” occurred in game's files after official release. Javash was then fully shown on Farewell Stream.
Unfinished model, animations and skill kit, no voice lines and VFX. Various speculations were made around the hero under code name “Juggernaut” based on game files data mining and leaks. Her concept arts and unfinished in-game appearance were finally revealed on Farewell Stream.
Concept arts, unfinished skill kit Qwinn wasn't known to public until Farewell Stream, where his abilities were briefly shown, while not having even prototype model. His concept arts were revealed around the same time.
Concept arts, prototype model, unfinished skill kit Prototype model and stats of a hero under code name “Rang” were leaked at some point, then after disband of Motiga hero's concept arts were revealed. The version shown on Farewell Stream doesn't seem to be updated since, although skill kit was briefly shown.
Scrapped (unfinished skill kit, prototype model) Hero under code made “Wildcat” is dated to 2015, his skills' descriptions and prototype model were leaked at some point. He later was stated to be a scrapped character who was stuck on skill kit development.
Unfinished skill kit, prototype model Heroes under code names “Scavenger” and “Support” were briefly shown on Farewell Stream, and their prototype models could be found in Core build dated to 2016.
Unknown Heroes under code names “Element”, “Portal”, “SwordBoard” and “Wild” were briefly shown on Farewell Stream. They seemingly stuck on skill kit development stage and it is unknown if they had at least prototype models at this point.
Sword and Board
In game files there is only placeholder portrait for a hero under code name “Twitch”. This hero was stuck on skill kit design stage and haven't got nor concept arts, nor prototype model.[1]
Morhp A hero under code name “Morph” was mentioned in one of game's text file with only short description “Highly Adaptable” and question marks as placeholders for his abilities descriptions.
Seeker Core test build dated to 2016 contains mention of hero under code name “Seeker” in its text files, with stats: high “Offense” (9), medium “Defense” and “Mobility” (6) and low “Utility” (3).