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First leak of Bolga – fragment of her final concept art

Bolga, also known as “Juggernaut”, is an unreleased hero for Gigantic.

A fragment of Bolga's concept art, that appears as face close up of blue ogre looking creature, was leaked in August 2017, along with screenshots of Oru and Ember Grove in a core test build and T-MAT concept art, but it was unknown who exactly was this character.

Bolga later was mentioned in game's text file under code name “Juggernaut”, between September and October updates, with short hero description “Enraged Bruiser” and skills descriptions.

In March 2018 “Juggernaut” was speculated to be a reptile looking warrior with a pet snail creature which could be released with an Oriental themed update, along with unreleased “Oni” Infernal.[1] Their concept art was shown on a stream in 2015, but later it was stated to belong to one of the heroes which were pitched for an art test by concept artist Devon Cady-Lee (another character was Tyto the Swift; see: Tyto the Swift/Media).

In June 2018 final concept arts of Bolga were revealed, showing that it was an unknown ogre character from August leaks.[2] In July 2018 concept artist Vinod Rams posted all Bolga concept arts,[3] while her gameplay and abilities were shown at Farewell Stream.[4] She has finished model in showed core test build, although it lacks textures, some of animations are borrowed from the Margrave as placeholders and she's listed as Tank type hero with maximum “Offense” stats (see: Media).


Basic attack
Strong Melee Combo.
Enraged: Increases attack speed by 50%.
Stabs weapon forward INTERRUPT
Disrupts any skills in use and very briefly slows the target's movement.
Enraged: STUN
Interrupts and prevents skill usage and movement for the duration of the stun.
for 0.5s.
Q / LB
Empowers [LMB/RT], [RMB/LT], [E/RB], and sacrifices 75 HP/s.
Using [RMB/LT] or [E/RB] will end your Enrage. (Lasts 6s)
E / RB
Pound the ground hitting enemies in an area.
Enraged: Increases area size and DAMAGE BOOST
Increases outgoing DAMAGE dealt by skills.
 Focus ability
Provides HEALTH every second. The amount is determined by the source of the healing.
for 25/50/100% of max health and gain equal amount of TEMPORARY HEALTH
Provided by certain skills, TEMPORARY HEALTH is added to the bottom of the HEALTH bar.
When the skill expires, any remaining temporary health heals the hero by 50% of the remaining health.
temp health
for 10s.


Quoting concept artist Vinod Rams:[3]

  • [Bolga] is a battle loving ogress that loves the simple things in life. Fighting and eating. She calls her mace “metal husband.”
  • Her lore is as simple as she is. Fight stuff. Eat stuff. I thought she’s probably friends with Knossos, and finds Mozu really irritating and wants to eat her.


  • According to Vinod Rams, the idea of Bolga came from the team wanting a big female monster, as a opposite to Xenobia – “a monster lady”, which is “still sexy”, “we wanted a monster lady that doesn’t care about that.”[3]
  • Bolga's mace, being called “metal husband” by its owner (as mentioned by Vinod Rams),[3] is a reference to the Final Pam character from Monster Factory web series.



Concept arts

Artist – Vinod Rams[3]