Unreleased creatures

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Over the years of development of Gigantic, every creature family was planned to have 4 or 3 types of creatures, with exception of Ancient Obelisk. Bellow are presented known creatures that didn't make into the game before its final update.

All presented information is gathered from game's files, leaks and official posts and statements from developers.

Sand Drake

Sand Drake is the third type of Drakes that supposedly was ready to be released. It was mentioned in game's files with lore and abilities descriptions, early thumbnail render and an icon. In March 2018 modeler and concept artist Katy Hargrove posted its model, titled “Dessert Dragon”, mentioning Vinod Rams as creature's concept artist.[1]

  • Lore description:
    • The Priest-Kings of Tlatoan adopted the Sand Drake as a symbol of their wisdom and strength.
  • Abilities:
      Deals damage over time.
      and LAUNCH
      Knocks enemies up, interrupting any skills in use and preventing any further skill usage or movement until they land.
      . (90s cooldown)
    • SANDSTORM – Periodic siege attacks. (within 45m radius)
    • SPIT FIRE – Barrage of projectiles that BURN
      Deals damage over time.
    • FLAME BREATH – Cone of flame that leaves a BURN
      Deals damage over time.
      Knocks enemies up a short distance. This does not stop them from using skills.
      enemies away.
  • Health:
    • Young – 4500 HP
    • Adult – 6300 HP


There were planned 3 types of Infernals, but so far only the first one was released, Crimson Infernal. The other two are titled Void Infernal and Savage or Oni Infernal. Infernals' signature environmental ability is creation of one-way portals for allies, but what unique abilities unreleased creatures had is unknown.


This creature supposedly didn't make even into Alpha phase as finished asset, or exists only in core test builds. However, all versions of the game contains its (draft, if not prototype) model and a ‘family’ icon.