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Archetypes in Gigantic describe how a hero plays, with each hero categorized as either a single archetype or a hybrid of two:

  • Assassin – Heroes that excel at quickly bursting down low health targets, then quickly escaping
  • Bruiser – Heroes that deal decent damage on the frontline, but have to retreat when focused by the enemy
  • Caster – Heroes that deal damage with magic and spells
  • Control – Heroes that control large areas of the battlefield with their abilities
  • Fighter – Heroes that have the combination of mobility, evasion, and damage to both ambush low health targets and scrap in the middle of team fights.
  • Healer – Heroes that focus on healing their allies
  • Shooter – Heroes that deal damage with guns and bows
  • Summoner – Heroes that summon allies to fight alongside them
  • Tank – Durable heroes that can survive for extended periods on the front line.
  • Utility – Heroes that provide extra utility for teammates such as super jump pads and temporary buffs

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