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This article is about hero experience during a match; for mastery experience see: Prestige
User Interface as hero reaches next level

The experience system is a way for heroes to empower and customize their abilities during a match.


Players begin a match at level 1 with one skill point, and by gaining experience can reach a maximum of level 10. Each level grants the player a Skill Point (or Upgrade) which is used to upgrade skills to deal more damage, apply different effects to allies and enemies, or even change the function of the skill entirely. Upon reaching Level 5 the player can also chose a talent – a special passive trait - for free without consuming a skill point.

Your hero's level is displayed in the bottom right corner of the center of the screen, while your skill points are displayed in the bottom left corner. The scoreboard shows the current level of all heroes in the match.

Levels have no effect on base stats such as Health and Stamina.

Earning Experience

The following plays will grant experience to either a single player or their entire team:

Fixed Amounts

XP Play
600 XP Creature summoned or upgraded
250 Team XP Power Orb collected
500 Team XP Enemy Guardian wounded

Dynamic Amounts

The amount of XP granted by these plays can vary depending on factors such as hero levels

Base XP Play
400 XP Hero kill
150 XP Hero kill assist (note that every 3 assists without dying rewards a badge that gives 750xp, giving the same effective xp as 3 kills)
800 XP Young creature kill
1200 XP Adult creature kill
400 XP Young or adult Ancient Obelisk kill


Certain badges give the player XP when obtained. Badges can only be earned in public PvP matches.

Badge XP Title and Description Badge XP Title and Description
1000 XP
250 Team XP
First Blood!
Score the first hero kill of the match.
750 XP Ring Out!
Get credit for killing an enemy that fell to their death.
750 XP Archenemy!
Kill or assist in killing the same enemy hero 6 times without them getting you back.
750 XP Retribution!
Kill or assist in killing your Nemesis or Archenemy.
1000 XP Killjoy!
End an enemy killing spree of 3 or more.
2000 XP Showstopper!
End an enemy killing spree of 6 or more.
250 XP Titan Defense!
Successfully defend your guardian from receiving a wound.
750 XP Assist Spree!
Score 3 assists without dying.
750 XP Sidekick!
Score 6 assists without dying.
750 XP Wingman!
Score 9 assists without dying.
750 XP Vanguard!
Score 12 assists without dying.
750 XP Legionnaire!
Score 15 assists without dying.

Rush Mode

In Rush Mode all players start at level 10 with 10 upgrade points and do not gain experience.


Shooting Star! badge
  • There is a badge linked to gaining of experience:
    • Shooting Star! – Be the first hero to reach level 10 in a match.
      • There is also an achievement with this badge – Meteoric Rise.