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The scoreboard is a screen that displays player information, such as nickname, team, hero, Account Rank, etc. It is accessible with Tab⇆ (PC) / View (Xbox) during a match or at the end of it, in the “Players” tab with additional page.


  1. Team
  2. Hero icon
  3. Hero's Match Level *
  4. Player's nickname
  5. Player's actions:
    during match: kills, deaths, assists, summons
    after match: kills, assists, summons, guardian damage, (harvested) orbs, deaths
  6. Player's Efficiency
  7. Honor Bonus stats
  8. Indicator of the player with highest Account Rank in the team
  9. Team Award


Efficiency is a special percentage stat that shows player's activity in a match. The formula for efficiency is:

kills + assists + summons + (guardian damage / 1000) + orbs captured / deaths [1]

Team Award

The Team Award shows player's highlight in a match after its end:

  • Most Kills
  • Most Hero Kills
  • Most Creature Kills
  • Longest Kill Streak
  • Longest Multikill
  • Most Assists
  • Longest Assist Streak
  • Most Damage Dealt
  • Most Damage to Heroes
  • Most Damage to Creatures
  • Most Damage to Enemy Guardian
  • Most Healing to Heroes
  • Most Buffs to Allies
  • Most Debuffs Applied
  • Most Creatures Summoned
  • Longest Life Span
  • Fewest Deaths
  • Most Kill Streaks Ended
  • Longest Kill Distance
  • Most Criticals Dealt
  • Fastest to Max Level
  • Most Badges Earned
  • Most Avenger Badges
  • Most Revenge Badges
  • Most Protector Badges

If player haven't made something significant in the match, they will get ‘special’ award, depending on a hero they played:


  • On after match scoreboard “Match Level” for all players always was “1”, the reason is unknown.
  • T-MAT doesn't have a hero related Team Award due to being released with final update.