Status Effects

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Status effects include a variety of conditions that affects heroes and creatures and are applied by their abilities. There are 3 groups of status effects in Gigantic:

  • Buffs – status effects that provide positive benefits to allies
  • Debuffs – negative status effects that harm target over time
  • Disruptions (also known as Crowd Control, CC effects or Hit Reactions) – negative status effects that influence target's movement and abilities


Icon Name(s) Description
Immunity / Specific Immunity Full immunity ignores all damage and/or negative status effects. Specific immunity only ignores specific effects (all debuffs, single debuff, crits, etc.).
Deflection Deflects incoming projectiles, preventing all damage and effects.
Reflect Reflects incoming projectiles directly back at their source.
Jump Higher Greatly increases the height of jumps.
Healing Recovers health over time, even while in combat.
Purify Removes negative status effects.
Stealth Makes the hero very difficult to see. Crosshairs still turn red when over a stealth hero and there is a slight visual shimmer.
Armor Boost Provides a +X bonus to armor.
Speed Boost Provides a +X% bonus to movement speed, which affects both walking and sprinting.
Damage Boost Provides a +X% bonus to damage.


Icon Name(s) Description
Cracked Armor / Broken Armor Applies -10/-25 armor and 10/15 dmg/s for a duration
Weaken / Major Weaken / Extemely Weaken Applies -25%/-50%/-60% damage dealt by target
Curse Prevents buffs from applying to target
Poison / Heavy Poison Applies -50%/-75% healing received by target, X dmg/s for a duration
Burn Applies X dmg/s for a duration
Bleed Applies X dmg/s for a duration. This damage ignores ARMOR
Reduces incoming DAMAGE by 1% to 1 point of armor. Each hero has a base amount of armor that can be increased temporarily through skills and upgrades. Armored heroes have 25 Armor, while other heroes have 15 Armor.
Shock / Major Shock / Massive Shock Applies X dmg/s for 3s to target, then ends with an AoE 3X dmg in a 2m radius around target
Freeze Applies -25% movement speed and applies X dmg/s for 3s


Icon Name(s) Description
Hard Landing Prevents jumping and sprinting. Can be cancelled by dodging or performing an attack.
Slow / Major Slow Applies -25%/-50% movement speed
Cripple Applies -40% movement speed and prevents sprinting
Immobilize Interrupts and locks the target in place, preventing all movement including walk, sprint, jump, and dodge. Attacks and abilities are still usable.
Launch Knocks target in the air, interrupts and prevents all actions for a duration
Knock Up Knocks target in the air, only interrupts power circle actions but otherwise the target can perform any action
Push (Knockback) Pushes the target horizontally, can be used to cliff/ring out, only interrupts power circle actions but otherwise the target can perform any action
Pull Interrupts and pulls the target to the source of the ability
Stun Interrupts and prevents the target from performing any action, including movement
Daze Interrupts and prevents the use of skills, but allows movement
Interrupt Disrupts a skill in use, a creature summoning, or a power orb gathering, and briefly slows the target
Cancel Cancels the targets current abilities/actions (counts as an interrupt)
Polymorph Prevents the target from performing any action other than moving and sprinting, and greatly reduces movement speed (Uncle Sven focus)
Disable Prevents target from performing any action or changing health (Xenobia focus)