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Power is an important element of gameplay in Gigantic.

Power is the energy of the land, which can be mortal, magical, or spiritual and cycles in the world. The Guardians draw power to become stronger or nearly invincible, and then the land changes under their influence.[1]

Power Race

Power Race is a part of every match of Gigantic: it is the period when the team of heroes should gather enough power to make their Guardian rampage across the battlefield to pin down the enemy Guardian, opening its heart for a wound for a brief time.

Leiran getting full power

The current power total for each team is shown at the top center of the screen, and events that increase power show up in the power feed in the top left corner of the screen (if you do not see the power feed, it may be disabled in your settings > interface menu). There are several ways to collect power:

  • enemy hero deaths – 10
  • young Creature kills – 10
  • adult Creature kills – 20
  • Power Orb capture – 20

Rampage begins as soon as either team reaches 100 power. If both teams reach 100 power simultaneously, the rampage goes to the team who had the most recent kill. It is important to note that even after a rampage begins, the power race still continues:

  • The attacking Guardian still can get more power from hero and creatures kills, which increases the amount of time the enemy Guardian is held down for a wound
  • The defending Guardian's power grants the guardian shield, which mitigates incoming damage from attacking Guardian and enemy heroes (if it big enough) and can be strengthened by hero and creatures kills.

Power Circle

One of Power Circles on the Ghost Reef

Power is mostly presented in the form of Power Orbs. They spawn in the Power Circles, which often are called “Control Points” of the maps by players, because the more circles team has in its possession, the more Power they will be able to collect.

Power can be collected by players themselves, on any Power Circle of the map. Heroes can also summon creatures which have the following advantages:

  • Creatures will start collecting Power Orb immediately after spawning
  • Creatures collect Power Orbs faster than heroes, especially Adult Creatures
  • Enemy heroes are unable to steal power from a circle that a creature occupies.
  • Creatures will fight enemy heroes that come in range (but it can be distracted by freshly spawned Orb)
  • When no enemy heroes are in range, creatures provide a small passive healing zone and a deflection shield that blocks enemy projectiles
  • Creatures give some strategical bonuses to their teams, such as HEALING
    Provides HEALTH every second. The amount is determined by the source of the healing.
    , revealing STEALTH
    Makes hero invisible to enemies, creatures, and Guardians.
    Damage indicators and debuffs will still display when striking a stealthed hero.
    Invisible heroes also will be shown on the minimap by anything that reveals enemies, such as the vision radius of the Cerberuses.
    enemies, besieging, etc
Time Collector
6s Hero
3s Young Creature
1s Adult Creature

There are restrictions on which power circles and which creatures heroes can summon:

  • Team power circles come in symmetric pairs with one circle with a blue outline on the minimap belonging to your team, and one circle with a red outline belonging to the enemy team. Allies can summon any creature on these points but enemies can summon only Ancient Obelisk to block it.
  • Neutral power circles are centrally located with a gray outline on the minimap. Both teams may summon any creature on these points.
  • Restricted power circles are centrally located with a red outline on the minimap. Both teams may summon only Ancient Obelisk on these points, meaning that power always has to be collected by heroes

There is, however, a risk in summoning creatures and upgrading creatures. Players must defend their creatures as the enemy team can kill them to gain power – 10 for a young creature, and 20 for an adult. The exception to this rule are the Ancient Obelisk, which grant no power when killed but also do not collect power.

Power Cycle

In Clash Mode, power spawns on power circles in series at 35 second intervals. For example in Ghost Reef:

  1. Power will first spawn at the A and G circles
  2. Power will next spawn 35 seconds later at the B and F circles
  3. Power will next spawn 35 seconds later at the C and E circles
  4. Power will next spawn 35 seconds later at the D circle
  5. Power will next spawn 35 seconds later at the C and E circles
  6. Power will next spawn 35 seconds later at the B and F circles
  7. etc.

In the rare case that a circle already has uncollected power at the beginning of its 35 second cycle, it will not generate a new power orb for the cycle even if the previous orb is collected.

Tips and Tricks

  • Don't jump into combat without thinking – a carefree player is a free source of Power for an enemy team.
  • Don't summon creatures if you can't defend them – creatures can die quickly if attacked by several heroes, especially the young ones, or when getting summoned.
  • Following previous tips – don't try to kill a creature all alone, let your teammates to know where you are heading first, and think if is it a good idea at the present moment.
  • Pay attention to the minimap – it shows Power Orb spawn and harvest progress on all Power Circles, which means you can spot a power thief at the very beginning of their business.
  • An adult creature harvests power faster than a young creature. Be aware which side will harvest first when the next power harvested will lead to a rampage.
  • If both teams are close to a rampage, try to interrupt the enemy creature when it is harvesting power. This will buy your team's creature time to harvest the power first.


Common “The World” fortune card
  • The role of Power in the world of Gigantic is explained in “The World” Fortune Cards.[1]
  • The are number of badges linked to the Power:
    • Last Rites! – kill an enemy hero who recently attempted to summon a creature or collect power
    • King of the Mountain! – kill an enemy hero who recently attacked an ally who was summoning or collecting power
    • Power Thief! – collect a power orb spawned on an enemy Power Circle
    • Power Play! – gain the power that causes your guardian to rampage
    • Power Defender! – gain the power that maxes out your guardian's shield