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Early design of Tesserus banner

The Tesserus Collective is a faction in the world of Gig. It is often presented as one of the Great Houses, although doesn't seem to engage in their conflict and works under different rationales.

Very little known about the Collective at the moment. It is devoted to science and technologies, like creating battle robots or jet packs, or getting power from ghosts.[1]


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  • Sifblin is the legendary Tesserus inventor and creator of T-MAT.[2]
  • HK-206 is a battle robot created by scientist of House Tesserus and one of few left to be functional of its line at the moment.[3]
  • Uncle Sven, as one of Academy's professor, was in House Tesserus, sometimes causing incidents in laboratories.[1][4]
  • Beckett is a mercenary, which was hired to test Tesserus' new invention – the jet pack, but she escaped the laboratory and appropriated the object.[5]
  • T-MAT is a newest battle robot created by Sifblin, which was left ‘to die’ after failed operation on the Ghost Reef.[2]


  • Ghost Reef:
    The canyon, once an underwater home for a plethora of sea creatures, is now dry and arid. The Tesserus Collective developed a way to harvest the energy of the ghosts left in the canyon, and has used them as a power source.
  • The Old Guard VI:
    • The Ghost Reef was in shambles; its natural form and beauty corrupted by Tesserus mining equipment.
    • Now was no time for sitting around; Rutger would teach these scientists what it truly meant for every action to have an equal and opposite reaction.
  • The Necromancer VII:
    • Ezren was not the only one interested in souls; there were rumors of a Tesserus scientist experimenting with new ways of powering machines.
  • The Desert Campaign:
    If Tesserus had hired her instead, they might still be mining the Ghost Reef.


  • The word “tesserus” can be translated from Latin as “password”.
  • HK-206 and Uncle Sven have Tesserus themed skins



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