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Ezren Ghal is a playable hero in Gigantic. He is a necromancer who collects souls of his foes to empower himself. Ezren was officially revealed in October 12, 2017 and later added in the game with Season of Souls update.

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Challenge – VICTORY
COMMON – Win a match as Ezren Ghal.
“To live is not always a victory.”
– Ezren Ghal
RARE – Win 3 matches as Ezren Ghal.
“Death comes to us all. I will just bring it to you a little sooner.”
– Ezren Ghal
LEGENDARY – Win 5 matches as Ezren Ghal.
“You are merely participating in my victory. Any sense of shared accomplishment is an illusion.”
– Ezren Ghal
Challenge – BADGES
COMMON – Earn 25 badges as Ezren Ghal.
Had Ezren specialized in a more ethical and accepted type of sorcery, his work would have garnered praise across the land.
RARE – Earn 50 badges as Ezren Ghal.
Ezren Ghal needed no one's praise or approval; he pursued power and knowledge without regard for others' opinions – or lives.
LEGENDARY – Earn 75 badges as Ezren Ghal.
“Every day I see new horrors. New twisted spectacles.”
– Diary of Griblar, Assistant to Ezren Ghal
Challenge – EXPERIENCE
COMMON – Earn 30,000 match experience as Ezren Ghal.
“The tomes in my library contain more knowledge than you ever will.”
– Ezren Ghal
RARE – Earn 60,000 match experience as Ezren Ghal.
Many had seen what was on the other side of death; select few had returned to abuse that knowledge.
LEGENDARY – Earn 90,000 match experience as Ezren Ghal.
“I have no doubt that unsealing this tomb will lead to great things. Go ahead, Griblar. Do not be afraid.”
– Ezren Ghal
Challenge – KILLS
COMMON – Kill 20 heroes as Ezren Ghal.
Only fools and masochists entered into Ezren Ghal's service. Applicants were as likely to become resources as assistants.
RARE – Kill 40 heroes as Ezren Ghal.
“Bring me a soul. Don't bore me with the details of where it came from.”
– Ezren Ghal
LEGENDARY – Kill 60 heroes as Ezren Ghal.
“I don't need your help. You are just a nicety.”
– Ezren Ghal
Challenge – ASSISTS
COMMON – Earn 25 assists as Ezren Ghal.
The line between victim and volunteer was a blurry one to Ezren.
RARE – Earn 50 assists as Ezren Ghal.
Ezren didn't know for certain that soul extraction was a painful process; it'd never happened to him.
LEGENDARY – Earn 75 assists as Ezren Ghal.
Ezren knew there was little that separated life from death. His victims, however, seemed to think that there was quite a large difference.
Challenge – RELENTLESS
COMMON – Earn 3 Killing Spree! badges as Ezren Ghal.
Ezren Ghal focused on finding the most efficient uses for souls; every drop of power had to be squeezed out.
RARE – Earn 6 Killing Spree! badges as Ezren Ghal.
Freshly harvested souls contained the most power, but occasionally Ezren had to settle for the week-old variety.
LEGENDARY – Earn 9 Killing Spree! badges as Ezren Ghal.
“The simple fact is, I need your soul more than you do.”
– Ezren Ghal
Challenge – NEMESIS
COMMON – Earn 3 Nemesis! or Archenemy! badges as Ezren Ghal.
The quality of souls mattered. The soul of a rat was far inferior to the soul of a drakkor or Karakesh knight.
RARE – Earn 6 Nemesis! or Archenemy! badges as Ezren Ghal.
“Does a soul stay fresh? Or does it begin to rot once it has been pulled from its housing? I intend to find out.”
– Ghal Logbook, Entry 6
LEGENDARY – Earn 9 Nemesis! or Archenemy! badges as Ezren Ghal.
Ezren was not the only one interested in souls; there were rumors of a Tesserus scientist experimenting with new ways of powering machines.