Season of Souls

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This article is about content released in the update; for patch notes see: October 18, 2017 Patch

Season of Souls was an update released in the October 18, 2017 Patch.

It is first Halloween themed update of Gigantic.



New HeroEzren Ghal

“We're delighted to introduce the newest Hero, Ezren Ghal! This necromancer manipulates the fate of his opponents by stealing souls in combat, which he in turn uses against them. He is always seeking more efficient and powerful ways of utilizing soul energy. In these efforts, he always found interest in Aisling's sword - housing her father's spirit, Sir Cador. Ezren Ghal sees conflicts between houses as an opportunity to experiment with his powers and techniques; each battle is a "harvest" where he can rip out the souls of his enemies.” [1]


New mapEmber Grove

“Enter the highly anticipated Ember Grove battleground! A dense and mysterious forest, this new map is inhabited by towering timbers, magical mushrooms, and bugwitch bungalows. Players will fight over two friendly points, two enemy points, two neutral points, and one enemy-only point with pathways that funnel the action! The rocky side lanes offer much verticality, as well as nooks and crannies to outmaneuver other players. Battle to maintain control of contested ground and fight the enemy for dominance over the ancient remains of a massive tree that creates an arena in the heart of the woods.” [1]


Profile Icons

“Players can now select their profile icons! Choose from a number of exciting and colorful portraits to fit your style.” [1]


Rare skins for Ezren Ghal
Legendary Halloween themed skins for Aisling


Grim Repertoire

Price – 1,500.


Promotional screenshots


Gigantic: Hero Overview - Ezren Ghal

Gigantic Season of Souls Update Trailer

Gigantic Aisling - Hollow Reclamation