Into Solitude

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This article is about content released in the update; for patch notes see: September 12, 2017 Patch

Into Solitude was an update released in the September 12, 2017 Patch.



New HeroRutger

“We are happy to introduce the Warden of Stone and protector of the rocky plains and mountains: Rutger! The armored tank is the newest melee Hero to join the cast, and employs restorative shielding to mitigate incoming damage and survive the longer engagements on the battlefield. He also brings an arsenal of powerful spikes and walls to the fight, allowing him to push, stun, and zone out his enemies to take full control of the Power Race.”[1]


New creatureStone Cerberus, September 19

“The Stone Cerberus is a tank amongst the creatures. Heavily-armored and equipped with several knock-back attacks, the Stone Cerberus is a powerful defender of your territory, and is not to be trifled with!”[1]

New creature – Riftborn Cyclops, September 26

“Imbued with the magic of the Rift, the Riftborn Cyclops is able to place translucent walls that its allies can shoot through but foes cannot. Watch out though, because that's not its only trick; this cyclops will also use its sorcery to immobilize and then smash enemy Heroes!”[1]


Oriental themed hero skins

September 12 – Rutger
September 19 – Wu
September 26 – Uncle Sven
October 3 – Charnok


Ascetic Aesthetic

Price – 1,500.


Promotional screenshots


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