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Tripp is a playable hero in Gigantic. Also known as ‘The Blue Bolt’, she is a melee assassin that can cloak herself and shank her foes. She is one of the first heroes to be revealed, debuting in the Pre-Alpha.

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Challenge – VICTORY
COMMON – Win a match as Tripp.
When an imperial house seeks the service of an assassin, trouble is on the horizon.
RARE – Win 3 matches as Tripp.
When Tripp's services were employed, it meant the conflict had stretched beyond the limits of diplomats and kings.
LEGENDARY – Win 5 matches as Tripp.
“I don't guarantee a victory, I guarantee a death.”
– Tripp
Challenge – BADGES
COMMON – Earn 25 badges as Tripp.
Sometimes she challenged herself by adding arbitrary objectives or conditions to the job.
RARE – Earn 50 badges as Tripp.
“Life is a game, but death is, too.”
– Tripp
LEGENDARY – Earn 75 badges as Tripp.
“They only give medals to certain kinds of killers, but that's alright. I'm not really interested.”
– Tripp
Challenge – EXPERIENCE
COMMON – Earn 30,000 match experience as Tripp.
Field exercises are the best way to hone your skills. Live targets are best.
RARE – Earn 60,000 match experience as Tripp.
No practice dummy, however expensive or specialized, reacted with the same intensity that a living being did.
LEGENDARY – Earn 90,000 match experience as Tripp.
“Practice doesn't make everyone perfect. I happen to be one of the lucky ones.”
– Tripp
Challenge – SLAYER
COMMON – Deal 4,000 damage to enemy guardians as Tripp.
No target was too big or too dangerous.
RARE – Deal 8,000 damage to enemy guardians as Tripp.
“Size isn't an advantage. People make that mistake all the time.”
– Tripp
LEGENDARY – .Deal 12,000 damage to enemy guardians as Tripp.
“Too big to notice me, too big to stop me.”
– Tripp
Challenge – KILLS
COMMON – Kill 20 heroes as Tripp.
Be careful what enemies you make. They may be able to hire Tripp.
RARE – Kill 40 heroes as Tripp.
“People hire me because I always get the job done. Simple as that.”
– Tripp
LEGENDARY – Kill 60 heroes as Tripp.
The pay was good, but the thrill was better.
Challenge – RELENTLESS
COMMON – Earn 3 Killing Spree! badges as Tripp.
Revenge was not the only reason to hire an assassin, but it was it was Tripp's favorite.
RARE – Earn 6 Killing Spree! badges as Tripp.
It was a feeling that made sense to her. She could relate.
LEGENDARY – Earn 9 Killing Spree! badges as Tripp.
“I get a little bit of satisfaction out of someone else's revenge. It'll tide me over until I get my own.”
– Tripp
Challenge – NEMESIS
COMMON – Earn 3 Nemesis! or Archenemy! badges as Tripp.
Her memories of the facility were a shock of disconnected images. Most clearly she remembered the look in his eyes.
RARE – Earn 6 Nemesis! or Archenemy! badges as Tripp.
His gaze was cold but very alive. Too alive, in Tripp's opinion. She was commited to changing that.
LEGENDARY – Earn 9 Nemesis! or Archenemy! badges as Tripp.
“When I find him, I don't know exactly what I'll do... but I've got some ideas.”
– Tripp