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Tripp is a playable hero in Gigantic. Also known as ‘The Blue Bolt’, she is a melee assassin that can cloak herself and shank her foes. She is one of the first heroes to be revealed, debuting in the Pre-Alpha.

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During development of Raid, an early prototype of Gigantic, Tripp's character would be a more light-hearted type of hero instead of having a dark personality, and had an Arabian inspired design. But developers decided to go forward with the slim and more ‘ninja-like’ approach.

During Alpha phase of the game Tripp, like some other heroes, had slightly different look. In her case it was textures, most notably her face with light red lips and more realistic looking eyes.


  • Tripp's code name in game's files is “Rouge”.
  • Before final update Tripp's unlock cost was 10000 or 600.
  • Tripp's desert themed skins are direct reference to her early Raid appearance.
  • Tripp was voiced by Alexandra Douglass – one of concept artists and illustrators at Motiga.