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Tripp is a playable hero in Gigantic. Also known as ‘The Blue Bolt’, she is a melee assassin that can cloak herself and shank her foes. She is one of the first heroes to be revealed, debuting in the Pre-Alpha.

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Tripp is supposed to be the living incarnation of lightning, yet the world knows only her exploits as a thief and assassin. Is she rebelling against her heritage, or is there a subtle plan at work?

— The Laughing Cowl, House Melkior [1]


Empyrean City Watch Notes[2]

  • Geraffer. How many times have I told you? Correlation does not mean causation! I'll go one step further and say that you have cause and effect exactly backwards. You have noted five major occasions where major storms have hit cities at the same time that Tripp completes a contract. Your theory, which apparently you saw fit to share with the entire graveyard shift, is that Tripp likes performing her work under the cover of bad weather. However! Contract kills aren't crimes of passion. They're planned. You're asking me to believe that Tripp is somehow able to perfectly predict the weather? That's a fantastic claim, but it is not fantastic enough. Flip cause and effect around. The storm doesn't lead to a Tripp assasination. Tripp's assasination- her very presence- leads to the storm. Bad weather follows her around. Check the timing more closely, and you'll see what I mean.

Correspondence with House Tesserus:[2]
Congratulations on your new apprenticeship! If you learn one-tenth of what Alabaster knows, you'll be one of our house's brightest minds. As someone who spent my entire adolescence in that laboratory, I have some advice. Three things actually:

  1. Alabaster is grumpy in the morning, but if you clean the glassware in the backroom, he'll leave you alone.
  2. Find the heaviest coat you can manage, and buy two. Meterology is often an outdoor affair.
  3. Don't ask him about Tripp.

I know you're curious about it, all of the apprentices are, but Alabaster won't talk about it, and he'll be livid that you asked. I get that you're curious though, so I'll share what I heard from the apprentice who preceded me. Tripp started to discharge electricity(more than just the static from a thick rug) when she was a teenager. She came to us, and Alabaster worked with her to understand and channel her electricity. They noticed inclement weather becoming noticeably more frequent, which delighted Alabaster. Alabaster pushes and prods though; at some point Tripp must have rebelled. It all blew up about five years ago, and Tripp hasn't been seen since. This was all at the old lab by the way. I guess you have Tripp to thank for that fancy new building?

Unsigned Correspondence:[2]

  • I struck a deal My Lady. The gold was acceptable. I gave Tripp the first third in person. She said to leave the second third in a ballast in the magistrate's room. I've arranged for that. And she said to leave the final third with Durelli back in town.
  • No, I don't know how she knows about Durelli, you've been impeccably discreet My Lady. Remember the old days My Lady? When hired assassins were grim faced killers, dead inside, with a code of silence, and a thousand yard stare? Those days are apparently long gone! I've hired many shady people for many shady deeds. I've never had one giggle before as we closed the deal.
  • I know my reputation, but I got the distinct sense Tripp underestimates what it takes to reach the magistrate, let alone kill him. Well, perhaps underestimate is the wrong word... She quizzed me quite a bit about the doors and the guards, but I didn't get the feeling that she was taking it seriously.

Children's Rhyming Song from the Tanner's District:[2]
Cordain Shaul, bound for a fall
Tripp bounced him off of his own castle wall
Durino Sherin, stole from a friend!
Tripp used her knives, and that was the end.
Rurik Anak picked the wrong lock
Tripp snuck up fast,and gave her a shock
Lord Kinager, drink made him stagger
Tripp's hangover cure was the point of her dagger
Lord Reavus K'Nave of the southern spice trade
Tripp slit his throat with the edge of her blade
Cap'n Geraffer swore that he'd stop her
Tripp dissapeared, now he's a sad Copper


  • Lightning Strikes: They say lightning never strikes the same place twice. In Tripp's case, it rarely needs to.[1]
  • Plasma Blades: “In orphanage records, we found references to Tripp's birth in the aftermath of the Chauton hurricane.” – Excerpt from House Melkior files [1]
  • Electric Slide: “People who use lightning only as a weapon lack imagination. It's even better as transportation!” – Tripp [1]
  • Flashdance: “She disappeared throughout her early teens, though rumors persist of an elusive cat burglar in the Gilded Ward...” – Excerpt from House Melkior files [1]
  • Bladestorm: By the time you hear the thunder, it's far too late. Tripp is long gone.[1]

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