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Oru is a playable hero in Gigantic. The Fortune Teller, Oru is a middle range damage dealer who shines best in teamfights. He was first revealed in August 11, 2017 and was released with the Corruption update.

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The Jester card
  • Oru's code name in game's files is “Glyph”.
  • Before final update Oru's unlock cost was 10000 or 600.
  • Oru uses Fortune Cards of Major Arcana as his weapon: Judgment, The Beast, The Joker (originally titled as The Jester) and Death.
    • The entity on The Jester card resembles to Oru's look in some way, thus cards' lore implies that he is “the Seer”.
  • Oru was originally designed as an NPC who looked like the crystal ball through which players could “see into the future,” and from which they draw Fortune Cards. He would then react to player's picks with various responses.[1]
  • Oru’s body was designed to look like a crystal ball with wizard hats for limbs. The ring was the final piece, and was originally there to make him look like a planet; eventually, it came to serve as the table onto which he deals cards.[1]
    • Additionally, in base model skins Oru's spherical body is covered by a relief of a constellation, made of the same material as his “orbit table”.
  • Oru’s personality was mainly inspired by Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, with an addition of Mr. Mxyzptlk (from DC comics) and Q (from Star Trek).[1]