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Oru is a playable hero in Gigantic. The Fortune Teller, Oru is a middle range damage dealer who shines best in teamfights. He was first revealed in August 11, 2017 and was released with the Corruption update.


Oracular knowledge could make even the most universally important event dull; Oru sought excitement in the small, unseen moments.[1]


Oru is from the same distant star realm as Zandora and the other Eternals, though he is a primordial relative born from the Cosmic Void rather than from star energy. The Eternals are beings of light and matter, whereas Oru harnesses the energy of nothingness and the fourth dimension.[2]

As an Eternal, Oru perceives no real risk of being permanently killed; this leads to him approaching life differently than a perishable being would. He sees mortals as entertaining playthings, and so is willing to take great risks with their lives (and his own) – though he knows that he will always return to life.[2]


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