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Griselma is a playable Hero in Gigantic. She is a middle ranged hero and playing with portals is her job. She was first revealed at PAX South 2015.

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Challenge – VICTORY
COMMON – Win a match as Griselma.
When she started to giggle, the guardsmen knew they were really in trouble.
RARE – Win 3 matches as Griselma.
“That'll teach you to underestimate an old lady.”
– Griselma
LEGENDARY – Win 5 matches as Griselma.
The guards counted themselves lucky that their fingers were not aesthetically pleasing enough to be fashioned into a necklace or set of earrings.
Challenge – BADGES
COMMON – Earn 25 badges as Griselma.
Each time Griselma traveled into the Rift she returned with gruesome trophies of her travels.
RARE – Earn 50 badges as Griselma.
Griselma often turned her "souvenirs" from the Rift into wearable, fashionable horrors.
LEGENDARY – Earn 75 badges as Griselma.
“I don't follow the trends, I set them!”
– Griselma
Challenge – EXPERIENCE
COMMON – Earn 30,000 match experience as Griselma.
For all that Griselma had done and seen, she knew there were always new things to do and see.
RARE – Earn 60,000 match experience as Griselma.
“Just because I've got a few years under my belt doesn't mean I've gone soft.”
– Griselma
LEGENDARY – Earn 90,000 match experience as Griselma.
Griselma's mind was still as sharp as a cerberus's tooth, and far more dangerous.
Challenge – ASSISTS
COMMON – Earn 25 assists as Griselma.
Sorcery is a solitary pursuit, but Griselma found ways to satisfy her gregarious nature.
RARE – Earn 50 assists as Griselma.
“I've tried talking to myself. Let me tell you, it gets old.”
– Griselma
LEGENDARY – Earn 75 assists as Griselma.
“Nothing like a bit of good, old-fashioned teamwork once in a while. Once in a great while.”
– Griselma
Challenge – STRATEGIST
COMMON – Earn 3 Summoner!, Herald!, or Harbinger! badges as Griselma.
“Why put yourself in harm's way when there are others who will do that for you?”
– Griselma
RARE – Earn 4 Summoner!, Herald!, or Harbinger! badges as Griselma.
“I don't utilize help because I'm old, I utilize help because it's the intelligent thing to do.”
– Griselma
LEGENDARY – Earn 5 Summoner!, Herald!, or Harbinger! badges as Griselma.
“Really, everyone should have at least one minion.”
– Griselma
Challenge – DEFENDER
COMMON – Earn 3 Creature Defender! or Guardian Defender! badges as Griselma.
“Do not test my patience, child. Never stand between a sorcerer and a source of power.”
– Griselma
RARE – Earn 5 Creature Defender! or Guardian Defender! badges as Griselma.
“Hmm... sort of reminds me of a familiar I once had...”
– Griselma
LEGENDARY – Earn 7 Creature Defender! or Guardian Defender! badges as Griselma.
“After all my years, dearie, I know the winning side of a fight when I see it.”
– Griselma
Challenge – CREATURES
COMMON – Earn 3 Shepherd! badges as Griselma.
“All my pets serve a purpose.”
– Griselma
RARE – Earn 6 Shepherd! badges as Griselma.
“I far prefer the company of my pets to the company of certain other individuals. I don't want to name any names, of course.”
– Griselma
LEGENDARY – Earn 9 Shepherd! badges as Griselma.
“My pets never get out of hand. They're always so well-behaved.”
– Griselma