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Voden is a playable hero in Gigantic. The Forest Warden, he is a ranged hero, using his bow and poison to take down his enemies. He is one of the first heroes to be revealed, debuting in the Pre-Alpha.


The forest-lord Voden is as old as the ancient banyan, yet as new as the morning dew. He lives for the wild hunt, and his prey is anything that would despoil the wilderness.[1]



  • Arrowed: Once loosed from the bow, the arrow is beyond the control of either archer or target.[1]
  • Poison Spores: “Initial studies indicate the toxin is self-sustaining. And I say ‘initial’ because it keeps killing my assistants.” – Yarrick, House Tesserus [1]
  • Green Man: “The third rule of warfare is to reach the critical point while your enemy is elsewhere, busy being irrelevant.” – Maxims of General Claudio [1]
  • Hidden Spring: Water poured from the earth, bubbling and rippling. Around it blossoms flowered, and Voden allowed himself a faint smile.[1]
  • Natural Roots: Voden pointed at toppled columns amid the trees, and crumbling walls covered in vines. “Thus always to empires,” he growled.[1]
  • The Innocent II: Voden understood that a wild thing could be befriended but was not to be tamed.
  • The Old Guard V: Long ago, Rutger and Voden had fought side by side. They had their differences throughout time, but the bond they had forged remained.
  • Wanderer V: No one can be that pure-hearted. Tyto obviously has just hidden their motives better than most.” – Voden
  • Heart of The Grove: “Mistah Voden says I can keep them for one day only. Mistah Voden says don't shake the jar.”
  • The Old Guard:Rutger is as old as rock and twice as solid.” – Voden
  • Mountain Monk: Voden found him in a cavern high atop a rocky mountain; he was surprised to see Rutger dressed in traditional garb.
  • Sage of Sagebrush: Voden came to fetch him, but it was the call of the land that brought Rutger out of solitude.

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