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Tyto the Swift is a playable hero in Gigantic. Also known as ‘The Crimson Guise’, they are a melee assassin that uses agile attacks to claim victory. They are one of the first heroes to be revealed, debuting in the Pre-Alpha.

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  • Tyto's code name in game's files is “Swift”.
  • Before final update Tyto's unlock cost was 5000 or 400.
  • Tyto's mask resembles the faces of barn and masked owls, all of which belong to the same genus – Tyto.
    • Originally Tyto supposed to have an actual barn owl as a pet (see Media), but it was changed to avoid an impression of a “guy obsessed with owls.”[1]
  • Fang, on other hand, seems to be based of a stoat and a mouse (or birch mouse, both are often hunted by various birds of prey).
  • Tyto was one of the first characters pitched for an art test by concept artist Devon Cady-Lee; another hero was a reptile looking warrior with a pet snail creature (his concept art was shown in a stream in 2015 and was speculated to be “Juggernaut” for some time,[2] see: Tyto the Swift/Media).
  • Tyto gender is unknown, being referred to with he/him, she/her, they/them, and it/its pronouns in several lore snippets.
  • In response to a Reddit question on Tyto's missing arm, Devon Cady-Lee (Tyto's character designer) said:[3]
    “The original story I ran with was an elite soldier was left for dead after an intense battle. Tyto lost their arm in the process and hid in the wilderness. Desperate for food, Tyto caught fang in a trap to eat. At the last moment Tyto had a change of heart, fought their survival instincts and befriended it instead.”
  • Judging by the lore on Tyto's skins, they are first mortal, beside the Hierophants, who entered the Star City.