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Roland is a playable Hero in Gigantic: Rampage Edition. Also known as the Bounty Hunter, he is armed with shotgun and gadgets. He was one of the first heroes revealed with announcement of Gigantic in 2014, but undergone heavy rework and wasn't finished before game's shutdown.

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He was just as hard-hearted before he lost the arm. Now he just has more reach.



  • Kill Shot: “I swear Imani can see through both eyes. She just wears the eyepatch to preserve her sharp vision for 'special targets.'” – Roland[1]
  • The Adventurer VI:
    • He was relentless. If Beckett ever stayed too long in one place, she knew the bounty hunter would find her.
    • The bounty hunter didn't care if she was guilty. He had a job to do, and he was going to do it.
  • The Ruffian V: Ramsay isn't at the top of my bounty list... but he's pretty close.” – Roland