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Lord Knossos is a playable hero in Gigantic. He is a melee fighter who can deal great physical damage over a short time and get various control and debuff bonuses for his skills through upgrades. He is one of the first heroes to be revealed, debuting in the Pre-Alpha.

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  • Knossos' species, name and name of his FOCUS
    Special resource that is accumulated and stored throughout every match, and can be used to unleash a FOCUS ABILITY, or upgrade young creatures to powerful adults.
    Focus requires to build up FOCUS CHARGES (maximum 3) before it can be used. They can be accumulated by dealing damage to enemies, healing allies, taking damage, and sometimes after being defeated and sent to the Airship.
    ability, “Labyrinth”, are based around Ancient Greek myths about the Minotaur – a creature with a head of a bull and the body of a man, who was said to dwell within Labyrinth, the massive maze-like construction on the island of Crete. It is believed that a real analogy to Labyrinth was a giant palace in ancient city of Knossos on the said island.
    • Knossos' code name in game's files is, in fact, “Minotaur”.
  • Before final update Knossos' unlock cost was 5000 or 400.
  • Knossos' Bell that he wears in his base skin is to commemorate guarding the burial ground of his grandfather for a year
  • Early on in development, his design was pitched to be a Creature.
  • His armor was inspired by Mongolian wrestler attire