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Lord Knossos is a playable hero in Gigantic. He is a melee fighter who can deal great physical damage over a short time and get various control and debuff bonuses for his skills through upgrades. He is one of the first heroes to be revealed, debuting in the Pre-Alpha.

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At the battle's end, they offered Knossos the high lord's mantle, but he refused. “You honor me, and you honor the lineage that flows through my veins,” he said. “But I cannot lead. I am not ready for the tribe, and the tribe is not ready for me.” [1]


Documents collected from the Imperial Library

Excerpt from 'On The Origin of Guardians' by Ferrac the Younger: [2]

Historical clashes with these immense creatures aren't limited to civilized lands. Far to the East, the wandering tribes of the vast plains tell of giant creatures that rampage across the landscape, disrupting the tribes' migrations. Many tribes who follow in the wake of these monsters scavenging what they could from whatever the creature left behind. It's an effective strategy in the forbidden wastelands. But, this strategy is not without risk. Approach the monster too closely, and the tribe itself would become food for future scavengers. That's the reality. The folklore of the wandering tribes is entirely different. Many tales speak of particularly heroic tribes, or even legendary individual hunters who would try to take down these massive creatures. A typical story involves a hunt that lasts for many weeks, and a titanic final battle. As with all fictional folklore, the ending is either suitably heroic, or tragic depending on the style of the storyteller.

'Final Essay: Introduction of Historical Warfare' by Darian Entredo [2]

  • In Conclusion, The wandering tribes are unlikely to ever pose a threat to the settled lands of the Empire. Uniting the tribes took immense effort from a singular historical figure: Honorath the White. After his death, his children quarreled among themselves rather than continue their father's conquest. Now that his grandchildren are of age, there are several dozen who can claim Honorath's lineage, including some who travel within our borders, and have clearly left their tribes behind.
  • [Written Addendum] Darian: Good scholarship, but there is entirely too much speculation here. You point out yourself that Honorath's travels as a youth gave him sophistication unlike his peers. If his grandchildren are among us, how do we know there isn't a future conqueror among them? B-

Menu Plan: [2]

Visitng Emissaries from the Wandering Tribes
Twenty racks of ribs Sixteen pounds of roasted vegetables Eight casks of ale Four pitchers of sweet cream Nine bottles wine Seven slow roasted swine whole
Ten pounds sweet root pudding Dozen loafs of bread Ten pounds of cut fruit (preferably orchard fruit, not garden fruit) Twelve game birds plucked and roasted whole All the cheese we have
  • [Note] That seems like a lot for a banquet this size.
  • [Note 2] For the banquet? No Pallo, that's per table.


  • Skewer: Some in the tribe regard their horns as decorative. Not Knossos. He lavishes attention on them, but only to ensure that they're razor sharp.[1]
  • Chuck: If you're as tall as the spear, you should be carrying the spear. – Proverb of the Wandering Tribes [1]
  • Gore: “The best part about using your horns is that you're always looking your enemy in the eye.” – Lord Knossos [1]
  • Bull Rush: Better to rush into combat than to rush into retreat. – Proverb of the Wandering Tribes [1]
  • Labyrinth: The bell Knossos wears signifies a season guarding his tribe's barrow-mounds. Sentries ring a bell whenever bandits or rival tribes drew near.[1]
  • I'm Nawsus!: “Time for fighting! So big and stronk and tuff and stuff!” – Pakko
  • Royull Noesoes!: “Noesoes sayed purpul is for kingz. I toll him he's the best king, and he shood wear purpull. He snorted, an then I snorted, and it was funny but he didn't laugh.” – Pakko
  • I'm a Meanotaur!: “In the batlands, he weared green to remine him of home. I miss home today too, so green's my favorite color today!” – Pakko

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