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Imani is a playable hero in Gigantic. She is a far ranged shooter who utilizes her giant crossbow to snipe her enemies. She was first announced at PAX 2014.

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“We think their sniper, Imani, is hidden on that ridge, sir.”
“Then why are you cowering behind these rocks? She couldn't hit a barn at that dist—”

— last words of Commander Sedgwick, House Tesserus [1]


Unsigned Note from House Melkior: [2]

  • The Children of the Mask choose to enlighten you. The story of Imani and the Tahiri people is all the proof you need that House Karakesh is more pragmatic than any of the other houses. They're even more pragmatic than we are. They're pragmatic on the grand strategic level. The Tahiri people fought House Karakesh to a standstill, despite the crippling lack of war material, and being outnumbered four-to-one. That is why House Karakesh essentially gave up and co-opted them into what we now call the Tahiri Protectorate. Every Tahiri that was taller than a wagon axle was training for battle. (Don't tell House Karakesh that they lost, it wouldn't be polite). Convincing the Tahiri to eventually work with them, showed diplomatic skill that I didn't think House Karakesh posessed. House Karakesh is pragmatic on a personal level too. They often hire Imani for various deniable military adventures, despite the fact that she killed so many of them during the war against the Tahiri. I'm sure that some house Karakesh Captains still hold grudges, but the Princes of the house want the best, and they're apparently able to pay for it.

House Karakesh Standing orders from the Tahiri Campaign:[2]

  • Captured Tahiri prisoners have given the sniper a name: Imani. They claim she's killed over four hundred "invaders" (their term for us) since the campaign began. Even allowing for provencial exaggeration, Imani poses a risk we must minimize.
  • Accordingly, until further notice, responding to reports of sniper fire with a counter barrage of artillery; not an infantry patrol. Do not attempt counter sniper fire. Officers are to remove insignia indicating rank unless they are within a cordoned base camp. And when possible, schedule troop movements for night or inclement weather despite the logistical difficulties.

[Written Addendum:] Carlais, I have some senior-staff-only additions:

  1. Integrate replacement officers more quickly. We're getting only three weeks out of them on average.
  2. Get the seargents on board with the anti-sniper techniques. Don't trouble the new officers. I don't want them worrying that Imani could strike them down at any moment.
-General Trandor

Letter: [2]

Dear Gallière,
I've been training for the last six weeks, rotating through the various specialties. Nobody told me being a mercenary would involve so much time between assignments. This week was Marksmanship with Imani. Is it possible to be bored and tense at the same time? So far I've had to squeeze a trigger five hundred times without pulling it once.
She makes us balance fruit on the end of the barrel, and if it falls, we start over. She makes us reload in the dark. She makes us reload one-handed. She makes us reload prone without moving our torsos or legs even the slightest. She makes us stare at the treeline for up to an hour at a time before we spot camouflaged confederate hidden down in the vegetation. One morning she didnt' even send anyone down there. She just shrugged after three hours of silent staring and said, "that's the sniper's life".
One week and guess how many shots I fired? None. It's all about being motionless, barely breathing, and constant training as hard as I can. I never thought I'd say this, but doing absolutely nothing can be downright exhausting! Next week though, we learn aerial techniques with another mercenary. Someone new! I mentioned that sounded exciting, and Imani glared at me. Guess who had to repeat all the loading drills?

'A Gathering of Clans' by Chadreau of House Aurion [2]

On a moonlit night, crisp and chill
The Tahiri ascended the rock strewn hill
Light of feet, but heavy of packs
For Tahiri boots do not leave tracks.
With a spine popping hug,
And a most joyous shout
The Tahiri soldiers wandered about.
Inquiring of cousins both distant and near
Of siblings, of parents
Of children most dear.
As campfires burned
As stew pots splattered
The Tahiri chiefs spoke of soldier matters.
Of aching feet,
Of daring assault
And clever retreat.
The fires grew dim
And the youngsters grew weary,
But the talk never ceased
Because to a Tahiri
Four things greater
Than all things are
Mountains, and Marches, and Family, and War.


  • Autobolts: “The Records division credits her with 104 kills in the Dreytalian Incursion... and that war lasted only 19 days.” – General Adron, House Aurion [1]
  • Silent Scope: In winter, Imani puts snow in her mouth so her frosty breath doesn't give away her position.[1]
  • Special Ammo: “My craft is endless improvisation, for no two targets are alike.” – Imani [1]
  • Smoke Bomb: “She was so well hidden that the Drey soldiers gave up on return fire. Instead, they launched artillery salvos.” – Gruth's Tales of War, Vol. 3 [1]
  • Kill Shot: “I swear Imani can see through both eyes. She just wears the eyepatch to preserve her sharp vision for 'special targets.'” – Roland [1]
  • The Adventurer II: The Captain called her reckless and unprofessional. Beckett simply laughed and flew away.
  • The Pyromancer V: The captain's calm leadership taught Charnok to focus in battle. He would always respect Imani for that.
  • The Ruffian V:He's effective. Too effective.” – Captain Imani
  • Reborn: “I won't forget that night, the way her voice wavered as she pled, ‘Who am I?’ I wish I had the answers she sought.” – Captain Imani

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