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Aisling is a playable Hero in Gigantic. She is a melee fighter who carries her father's sword – and her father's ghost – into a battle. She was first introduced on PAX East 2015.

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Challenge – VICTORY
COMMON – Win a match as Aisling.
Aisling knew how dear the cost of defeat could be.
RARE – Win 3 matches as Aisling.
Aisling was ever vigilant, watching for dangers on and off the battlefield.
LEGENDARY – Win 5 matches as Aisling.
Her father had been lost on the battlefield. His liege, the Grand Duke, was assassinated in his castle.
Challenge – BADGES
COMMON – Earn 25 badges as Aisling.
The ghost of Sir Cador accompanied her in battle, and she did her best to emulate his sword techniques.
RARE – Earn 50 badges as Aisling.
Others praised Aisling's achievements, but it was her father's approval that she desired.
LEGENDARY – Earn 75 badges as Aisling.
No matter what she did, the ghost said nothing. The look in his eyes was hollow, focused only on battle.
Challenge – EXPERIENCE
COMMON – Earn 30,000 match experience as Aisling.
Aisling was young, but she had faced more dangers than knights many times her age.
RARE – Earn 60,000 match experience as Aisling.
Uncle Regius suggested gruffly that an aspiring knight must spend time as a squire.
LEGENDARY – Earn 90,000 match experience as Aisling.
Regius taught her well. His greatest lesson: There will always be more to learn.
Challenge – RELENTLESS
COMMON – Earn 3 Killing Spree! badges as Aisling.
The brigands did not expect her to be so quick or so relentless.
RARE – Earn 6 Killing Spree! badges as Aisling.
The lone girl was listless and mournful. Until they tried to take her sword.
LEGENDARY – Earn 9 Killing Spree! badges as Aisling.
It was only afterwards that Aisling realized Sir Cador really had emerged from the blade to fight by her side.
Challenge – TEAMWORK
COMMON – Earn 3 Assist Spree! badges as Aisling.
She had no fear. Aisling was never alone.
RARE – Earn 6 Assist Spree! badges as Aisling.
Fighting alongside the ghost taught Aisling how teamwork could overcome power.
LEGENDARY – Earn 9 Assist Spree! badges as Aisling.
In time, Aisling learned to anticipate her living allies' movements as easily as the ghost's.
Challenge – SLAYER
COMMON – Deal 4,000 damage to enemy guardians as Aisling.
Sir Cador once told her that a knight's aims must be grander than combat alone.
RARE – Deal 8,000 damage to enemy guardians as Aisling.
A true knight may feel fear but must never be mastered by that fear.
LEGENDARY – Deal 12,000 damage to enemy guardians as Aisling.
With Cador by her side, Aisling knew she could face any danger, no matter how great.
Challenge – POWER
COMMON – Generate 100 power for your guardian as Aisling.
In her quiet moments, she was consumed with a single thought, a single word: Revenge.
RARE – Generate 200 power for your guardian as Aisling.
One by one, Aisling sought out her father's old companions. One of them must be the traitor.
LEGENDARY – Generate 300 power for your guardian as Aisling.
There was no lone traitor. Cador's murder had been part of a larger conspiracy against the Grand Duke himself.