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Mozu is a playable hero in Gigantic. She is a ranged shooter who uses magical bolts and beams to defeat her enemies. She was first revealed at PAX South 2015.

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  • Mozu's code name in game's files is “Zap”.
  • Before final update Mozu's unlock cost was 10000 or 600.
  • Mozu's name was originally “Mozo”, as can be seen in her and Griselma announcement[1][2] and early related to her posts.[3][4]
  • Concept artist Vinod Rams, who created Mozu's design, unofficially posted sketch of Mozu's father – Bozu. As author states in a blog post that “he’s a bit of a bumpkin, spends most of his time tending to his crops”, “never approved of Mozu’s interest in magic, less because he was trying to control her, but more because he was scared for her safety”, “the troubles of the world outside their village were of no concern to him” and “he was distraught when Mozu ran off to pursue a more adventurous life, but then his senility kicked in and he’s kinda just forgot.”[5]