Console Commands/Code names

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Everything that appears in game has a code name in its files, which is required to know while using some of the commands.

Released heroes:

AislingAdept BeckettAssault CharnokBombard
Ezren GhalJuice GriselmaPlanter HK-206Machine
ImaniQuarrel Lord KnossosMinotaur MozuZap
OruGlyph PakkoFrosty RamsayBlade
RutgerStoneskin T-MAT - Siege The MargraveTank
TrippRogue Tyto the SwiftSwift Uncle SvenAlchemist
VadasiAngel VodenWarden WuJudo
XenobiaDespair ZandoraAura

Unreleased heroes, available to play in Core builds:

BolgaJuggernaut Element” – Element JavashOrbit
Kajir (Jherico) – Shadow Portal” – Portal QwinnPotshot
Rang” – Rang RolandGunner Scavenger” – Scavenger

Code names of creatures: