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Zandora is a playable hero in Gigantic. The Star Knight, she is a sword fighter who helps allies with her buffing auras. She was released February 23, 2017 with Eternal Dawn update during closed Beta.

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“The Knight moved with the confidence and purpose of a god among mortals. She was the incarnation of valor, a martial blessing in the heat of battle.” [1]



  • The Fortune Teller II: *“Not everything is a game, Oru.” – Zandora
  • The Fortune Teller IV:
    • “I heard that Oru saved an outskirts village from a band of pillaging ogres. Now I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop.” – Zandora
    • “Be wary of Oru's help. It may be a hindrance, cleverly disguised.” – Zandora
  • The Fortune Teller VII: “My advice to you: do not play cards with one who can see the future.” – Zandora

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