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Wu is a playable hero in Gigantic. He is a melee fighter who uses his fists, feet and tongue to best his opponents in battle. He was first revealed at PAX East 2015.

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“At the juncture of brashness and serenity, passion and calm, fury and skill... there is Wu. His training encourages him to leave emotions behind, but he treats every battle as a joyous celebration.”

— Blau-Grau of the 12 Monks [1]



  • Rain of Blows: For 100 days, Wu pestered the monastery guards until they beat him senseless. On day 101, Wu became a disciple, and the monastery hired new guards.[1]
  • Splash Kick: “Go soak in this,” said Wu as the gang of ruffians approached.[1]
  • Crashing Waves: “Water is formless, yet no form—not cliff nor castle—can stand against it.” – Vuna-Theka of the 12 Monks [1]
  • Tonguelash: “In truth, fellow masters, I taught him this technique only to shut up his endless questions.” – Blau-Grau of the 12 Monks [1]
  • Typhoon's Fury: Just as with an actual typhoon, the wise course of action is to evacuate the area and seek higher ground.[1]

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