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Vadasi is a playable hero in Gigantic. She is a healer which uses her divine abilities to punish her enemies and aid her allies. She was first announced at PAX 2014.


“I find you guilty of conspiring with the enemy, provoking a futile conflict...”
Glowing beams transfix the fugitive.
“...and attempted flight to avoid justice. I'd pronounce the sentence, but you're no longer in a condition to hear it.” [1]

— Vadasi



  • Ray of Light: “Like judgment itself, her radiant beams never wander, never yield, and never miss their target.” – Hierophant Jhuris, House Aurion [1]
  • Smite: It obliterates only wickedness. Some collapse from agony, some from guilt, and some from sheer surprise when secret deeds are revealed.[1]
  • Divine Wind: “You cannot defy the wind because you cannot define it. What has no beginning cannot end.” – Vadasi [1]
  • Devotion: “Unborn and undying is the Sphere. It ever curves, ever orbits, ever spins. What could be more righteous?” – Analects of the Sphere, 1:8 [1]
  • Sanctum of Faith: “Faith can march ten thousand to war, then make families cheer when only one thousand march back.” – General Vahira, House Karakesh [1]
  • The Stone Tower: She found no treasure, only inscriptions of four-armed figures and indecipherable diagrams.

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