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The Margrave is a playable hero in Gigantic. Also known as ‘The Black Knight’, he is a melee figther who absorbs damage and slashes people up close. He is one of the first heroes to be revealed, debuting in the Pre-Alpha.

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They cheered the Margrave's victory over the demon, but the cheers turned to gasps when they saw the Margrave's missing hand. Then the gasps turned to cries of horror as the Margrave ripped the forearm from the demon's corpse and grafted it into place.[1]


Soldier's Correspondence from House Karakesh : [2]

Dear Nasseri,

I write this in haste. We have been marching into the hills all night, but our new ally won't stop. We have to march ahead, and then take our rest while he catches up. We don't know his real name. We don't even know what he's the Margrave of... He never speaks. Well that's not quite true. The Seargant thinks he heard The Margrave bellow "DEATH FROM ABOOOOVE!" during a skirmish yesterday. And I heard him muttering something as he passed me on the trail, but it wasn't in our tongue, I assure you.
And he understands us. The Captain stands before him, holding a map aloft, and explaining how we'll besiege the castle on the ridge. The Margrave nods. The Captain tells The Margrave that he'll rush the main gate while we pick off the archers on the wall. The Margrave nods. The Captain points out that the main gate is two feet of solid wood bound in iron, and I swear to you, The Margrave laughed. Then he starts marching fast up the hill again. We all fall into ranks and hit the trail again. I gotta go, I can see the fire of that demon fist through the trees below us. He's almost caught up to us. Doesn't he ever tire out?


'A History of the Highland Scouring' from House Devaedra records: [2]

The Inferals spread out across The Highlands, and the various armies, houseguards, and provencial militias struggled in vain to contain them. It was like fighting a wildfire. One break in the perimeter, and you have to begin your containment all over again. We all struggled as the boundary grew longer, and our guards were spread thinner, yet what could we do? What choice did we have? It was all we could do to keep our lines straight and prevent the demons from reaching our settled lands. The choice we did not see, because it seemed impossible, is the choice The Margrave took.

Marching with a collumn of hard bitten grim veterans, The Margrave drove straight for the heart of the Highlands, leaving his part of the perimeter ungaurded. But slaying demons with every step he took. We aren't sure The Margrave knew where he was going, but he found The Infernals' hastily erected stronghold. Few survived the battle there, but the results have passed into folklore. The Margrave faced The Infernal Lord Ma'Fraq Shubato. The demon ripped The Margrave's right forearm off, gauntlet and all, but The Margrave prevailed. To demonstrate his dominance, and cow the remaining Infernals, The Margrave took the demon's still twitching hand and grafted it into the gap where his right hand used to be.

House Karakesh's Third Legion The Margrave Jokes: [2]


  • The Margrave walked into a bar. Leaving a huge hole in the wall, and a structure fire that we extinguished, taking heavy casualties in the process.
  • Why did The Margrave cross the road? We aren't sure, because no one else survived the journey
  • How many Margraves does it take to light a lamp? Answer: There's more than one Margrave??? OH GOD RUN FOR YOUR LIVES
  • What did The Margrave say to the bandit? *SQUASH*
  • What do you get when you cross The Margrave with a bird? Friend, you do not EVER. Cross The Margrave
  • How is The Margrave like a writing desk? Neither has an E and there's a O in Both
  • I don't get it...


  • Demon Fist: “I'm tired of hearing that the demon hand corrupted the Margrave. He wasn't exactly a saint before that battle.” – Adjudicator Trellesa, House Aurion [1]
  • Hellburst: “Demonic conflagrations like the Highland Scouring are quite rare. Now, if they could be predicted... or manipulated...” – The Ebon Songbird, House Melkior [1]
  • Charge Forth: The Margrave always led from the front, heedless of whether his allies were brave enough to follow him.[1]
  • Staggering Leap: “Death from above!” roared the Margrave, but his foes rarely heard the battle-cry over the din of war.[1]
  • Ground and Pound: “As we hid, we could feel the ground quiver with each step, as if it too were frightened of the Margrave.” – Sergeant Valri, House Aurion [1]

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