The Infernal Hunt

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This article is about content released in the update; for patch notes see: November 15, 2017 Patch

The Infernal Hunt was an update released in the November 15, 2017 Patch.



New creatureCrimson Infernal

“Infernals are highly intelligent beasts that reside in the Rift. They utilize powerful magic in combat, placing runes that disrupt and ensnare foes or warping in close to unleash a flurry of swipes with their claws. Infernals will tear an interdimensional hole in the environment near them, allowing allies to jump into a portal through the Rift and exit on the other side.” [1]


Player Statistics

“Compare stats with friends and community members with the new Profile Page. View a number of statistics including Totals, Averages, and Bests!” [1]


Infernal themed hero skins for Vadasi

Infernal Hunter themed hero skins

Legendary Infernal themed weapon skins – Infernal Might


Demonic Posessions

Price – 1,500.


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