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This template formats text to correspond to a debuff (negative) status effect. It adds an icon and tooltip with description of effect and will colorize visible text accordingly.
Template uses Template:Tooltip.
Type: {{debuff|<code>|<text>}}
If text is not provided template will use code (depending on the case it might be easier).
If only icon with tooltip (without colored text) is needed, type: {{debuff|<code>|0}}
Bellow is a table with available codes (parameters) and examples of usage:
Parameter Example code Result
freeze {{debuff|freeze|freezing}} FREEZE
Reduces movement speed by 20% and damages enemies over time.
DEEP FREEZE and FULL FREEZE are more powerful.
shock {{debuff|shock|major shock}} SHOCK
Deals damage over time, when expires a burst of damage explodes from the affected target.
MAJOR SHOCK and MASSIVE SHOCK are more powerful.
major shock
crack {{debuff|crack|cracks armor}} CRACKED ARMOR
Reduces armor by 10 and damages enemies over time.
cracks armor
broke {{debuff|broke|armor breaking}} BROKEN ARMOR
Reduces armor by 25 and damages enemies over time.
armor breaking
curse {{debuff|curse|cursed}} CURSE
Removes buffs and prevents any buffs from being applied to affected targets. Can be CLEANSED.
purge {{debuff|purge|purged}} PURGE
Instantly removes all buffs.
weak {{debuff|weak|weakens}} WEAKNESS
Reduces outgoing damage by 25%.
MAJOR WEAKNESS (50%) and EXTREME WEAKNESS (75%) are more powerful.
poison {{debuff|poison}} POISON
Reduces incoming HEALING by 50% and damages targets over time.
HEAVY POISON reduces healing by 75%.
burn {{debuff|burn|burning}} BURN
Deals damage over time.
bleed {{debuff|bleed|bleeding}} BLEED
Deals armor-ignoring damage over time.
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