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This template formats text to correspond to a buff (positive) status effect. It adds an icon and tooltip with description of effect and will colorize visible text accordingly.
Template uses Template:Tooltip.
Type: {{buff|<code>|<text>}}
If text is not provided template will use code (depending on the case it might be easier).
If only icon with tooltip (without colored text) is needed, type: {{buff|<code>|0}}
Bellow is a table with available codes (parameters) and examples of usage:
Parameter Example code Result
heal {{buff|heal|healing}} HEALING
Provides HEALTH every second. The amount is determined by the source of the healing.
regen {{buff|regen|30 HP/s}} HEALTH REGENERATION
Provides HEALTH every second. The amount is determined by the skills applying it.
30 HP/s
hp {{buff|hp|temporary health}} TEMPORARY HEALTH
Provided by certain skills, TEMPORARY HEALTH is added to the bottom of the HEALTH bar.
When the skill expires, any remaining temporary health heals the hero by 50% of the remaining health.
temporary health
clean {{buff|clean|cleansed}} CLEANSED
Removes any debuffs and prevents debuffs from being reapplied for a period of time (up to 4 seconds).
speed {{buff|speed|speed boost}} SPEED BOOST
Increases the speed of hero by a percent determined by the skill applying it.
speed boost
dmg {{buff|dmg|2x damage}} DAMAGE BOOST
Increases outgoing DAMAGE dealt by skills.
2x damage
lowdmg {{buff|lowdmg|damage reduction}} DAMAGE REDUCTION
Reduces incoming DAMAGE by a certain percentage, as determined by the skill that applies the reduction.
damage reduction
shield {{buff|shield}} SHIELD
Absorbs 85% of all incoming DAMAGE for the duration of the shield, or until the shield is destroyed (if it has a HP value).
immune {{buff|immune|immunity}} INVULNERABILITY
Negates all incoming DAMAGE and prevents the application of debuffs.
deflect {{buff|deflect|deflection}} DEFLECTION
Deflects incoming projectiles away in random directions from the source of deflection.
reflect {{buff|reflect}} REFLECTION
Reflects incoming projectiles directly back at their source.
jump {{buff|jump|super jump}} JUMP HIGHER
Increases the height of all jumps when affected by the skill.
super jump
stealth {{buff|stealth|invisible}} STEALTH
Makes hero invisible to enemies, creatures, and Guardians.
Damage indicators and debuffs will still display when striking a stealthed hero.
Invisible heroes also will be shown on the minimap by anything that reveals enemies, such as the vision radius of the Cerberuses.
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