Fortune Cards/Lore Cards

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Lore Cards was a special type of cards that were planned to be in the game but wasn't released due to layoffs. According to artist Eric Dagley, “they would tell the story of the game through long-term, monthly challenges that would give special rewards/info dumps”[1] and “were also intended to tie in to the monthly content releases, with the item descriptions from that month being used to further supplement the story”.[2]

The rise of House Devaedra and destruction of House Aurion; open Beta, update, which added Devaedra and Aurion themed weapon skins to the game.[1]

Art by Eric Dagley.[2]

Exile in the North
The Aurion Hierophant escaping into exile in the north and meeting Pakko; Exile in the North update.[1]

Art by Eric Dagley.[2]

Dawn of the Eternals
The Eternals sending Zandora to deal with House Devaedra; Eternal Dawn update.[1]

Art by Eric Dagley.[2]