Exile in the North

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This article is about content released in the update; for patch notes see: January 19, 2017 Patch

Exile in the North was an update released in the January 19, 2017 Patch during closed Beta phase of Gigantic.




New HeroPakko

  • “You all knew this was coming; Gigantic's seventeenth hero is now available, and he's pretty darn cute. Pakko is a melee/tank hero who uses snowballs, icy ground, and frigid breath to protect himself and control the flow of battle.”[6]


New creatureYeti Cyclops

  • “This Adult Cyclops has a variety skills to help keep the enemy team locked down!” [4]

New creature – Winter Bloomer

  • “This new form of Adult Bloomer will keep your team alive! With both heals and shields, this creature spawns all-new Frost Orbs!” [4]


Honor Bonus

  • “If a player has disconnected from your match for more than 90 seconds, the short-handed team will receive a reduction to their team's respawn timers. This bonus increases if more players disconnect from the match.” [6]


Prestige “Eternal Master” hero skins

“Since the time of the first Hierophant of Aurion, the people of the empire have worshipped the Eternals.
In turn, those heroes who live up to the virtues of the Eternals may find themselves rewarded in dramatic fashion.”
  • “We're introducing a brand new set of skins unlocked by progressing through the hero ranks! For each hero, reaching Hero Mastery Rank 5 will unlock a new Eternal Master skin in the store! Jump in to check them out!”[6]
  • Winter themed hero skins
  • New color variations for Tripp
    “Wielding new and deadly gear, the stealthy assassin has chosen to outfit herself to better suit the cold environment.” [2]
  • New color variations for Wu
    “Against the harsh winter weather, Wu comes equipped with his own gear to put the freeze on his enemies.” [2]
  • Winter themed weapon skins


Gigantic: Exile in the North