Hero Rank

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Hero Rank indicates player's mastery with certain hero in Gigantic. It is raised by getting the Prestige – experience that is earned after properly finishing a match or by completing challenges of Fortune Cards.

Hero Rank can be checked in “Hero Mastery” section of “Career” menu. Max Hero Rank is 10. After reaching a new rank, the player gets Crowns or Fortune Cards draws as rewards.

Hero Rank Prestige to Rank Rewards
1 500 100
2 2,500 200
3 5,000 300
4 7,000 400 and Fortune Card draw
5 9,000 500 and Fortune Card draw
6 11,000 750 and Fortune Card draw


  • There are achievements tied with Hero Ranks:
    • Going for the Gold – Reach Rank 7 for a Hero Mastery medal
    • Prestigious Effort – Reach Rank 10 for a Hero Mastery medal