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Clash, or Final Clash, is the second game phase in Clash Mode that transforms the map and enables clash bonuses on hero talents.

Clash Mode

In Clash Mode, the Final Clash begins when either a fifth rampage concludes or after two wounds have been dealt to a Guardian. The map begins transforming which may change terrain, open up new areas, and/or leave previous areas inaccessible. Power Circles and their Creatures may be moved to a new location, often giving players an opening for an attack. Siren's Strand and Sanctum Falls can kill heroes if they stay too long in the old areas of the map. The map remains in Clash phase until the end of the match.

Rush Mode

In Rush Mode, while the map begins in a configuration similar to Clash the map is in fact in still in its Battle state, which means that heroes will not receive clash bonuses from their talents. Certain maps have key differences from their Clash Mode counterparts such as the upper hallways of Sanctum Falls being blocked off in Rush Mode.