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This template creates a small button for audio file instead of full audio player, with a caption. This is block version of older Template:Aud, which renders inline. It must be used on pages with heroes' quotes inside Template:SoundList.
To avoid overloading of the page with high amount of files, template uses Template:AudioLoader, which will load file after clicking "Load" prompt first.
Template uses Extension:TemplateStyles; for styles see Template:Aud/styles.css.
Type: {{AQ|<file name (without extension)>|<transcription>}}
Usage examples
{{AQ|VO - Xenobia ping wd 1|Away, away!}}
{{AQ|VO - Xenobia ping Summon 1|Help me summon.}}

[[:File:VO - Xenobia ping wd 1.ogg|]]

 Away, away!

[[:File:VO - Xenobia ping Summon 1.ogg|]]

 Help me summon.

Inside styled block:
|ping = attack
|content =
{{AQ|VO - Xenobia ping attack 1|“Attack!”}}
{{AQ|VO - Xenobia ping attack 2|“Attack!” (2)}}
{{AQ|VO - Xenobia ping attack 3|“Destroy them!”}}
{{AQ|VO - Xenobia ping attack 4|“Destroy them!” (2)}}

[[:File:VO - Xenobia ping attack 1.ogg|]]


[[:File:VO - Xenobia ping attack 2.ogg|]]

 “Attack!” (2)

[[:File:VO - Xenobia ping attack 3.ogg|]]

 “Destroy them!”

[[:File:VO - Xenobia ping attack 4.ogg|]]

 “Destroy them!” (2)