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This template creates a list for audio files to be used on pages with heroes' responses.
Template uses Extension:TemplateStyles; for styles see Template:SoundList/styles.css.
Copy and fill the following code:
|title = 
|ping/skill/hero/badge = 
|content = 
  • Optional parameters:
    • ping is for Ping Wheel section, and will add an icon and preset title; available values are attack, withdraw, omw (on my way) and summon.
    • skill adds a skill icon, it must be in following format: <hero name> <order number>; in this case skill's name must be provided in title.
    • hero provides hero's name in title and hero's icon.
    • badge provides badge's name in title and its icon.
Usage example

Simple code with title:

|title = “That was fun!” (1 ➔ 1)
|content =
{{AQ|VO - Xenobia QC fun 1|“Well, that was fun.”|1}}


“That was fun!” (1 ➔ 1)

[[:File:VO - Xenobia QC fun 1.ogg|]]

 “Well, that was fun.”

Ping Wheel:

|ping = withdraw
|content =
{{AQ|VO - Xenobia ping wd 5|“Withdraw!”|1}}
{{AQ|VO - Xenobia ping wd 3|“Let us depart!”}}



[[:File:VO - Xenobia ping wd 5.ogg|]]


[[:File:VO - Xenobia ping wd 3.ogg|]]

 “Let us depart!”


|title = Words of Spite
|skill = Xenobia 2
|content =
{{AQ|VO - Xenobia skill RMB 1|“Futile.”|1}}
{{AQ|VO - Xenobia skill RMB 3|“Do not resist!”}}


 Words of Spite

[[:File:VO - Xenobia skill RMB 1.ogg|]]


[[:File:VO - Xenobia skill RMB 3.ogg|]]

 “Do not resist!”


|hero = Vadasi
|content =
{{AQ|VO - Xenobia kill Vadasi 1|“You burn so beautifully!”|1}}
{{AQ|VO - Xenobia kill Vadasi 2|“You burn so beautifully.” (2)}}



[[:File:VO - Xenobia kill Vadasi 1.ogg|]]

 “You burn so beautifully!”

[[:File:VO - Xenobia kill Vadasi 2.ogg|]]

 “You burn so beautifully.” (2)


|badge = Revenge
|content =
{{AQ|VO - Xenobia badge Revenge 1|“Relish the dance.”|1}}
{{AQ|VO - Xenobia badge Revenge 3|“Oh, sweet fragrance.”}}



[[:File:VO - Xenobia badge Revenge 1.ogg|]]

 “Relish the dance.”

[[:File:VO - Xenobia badge Revenge 3.ogg|]]

 “Oh, sweet fragrance.”